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Etsy Retailer Profile: Maddie’s Sock Minions

Maddie’s Sock Minions isn’t your average sock monkey shop.  Mama, Melinda, and her young daughter began making their trademark monsters which they call “minions” just out of boredom. Then people started to notice them. From there they decided they would spread the joy and start selling them. So began Maddie’s Sock Minions – a cute little shop that sells sock monsters, monkeys, bunnies, dogs, cats and other crazy sock creatures.

One of my favorite things about each of the minions in the collection is that they have their own story.  I have two favorites:

  • Sock cat “Convict Kitty” – who just got out of jail, well he escaped. He was in for late night chocolate over eating. I don’t believe that this should be a crime, but I don’t make the rules in sock world.
  • Alphie is a bunny minion that is all ready for spring. Aphie is always with his basket and loves to fill it with flowers. He also can’t wait to help the Easter bunny get ready for Easter. He will also help you learn the alphabet if you need help.

All items in the collection are made from new material unless noted (all material listed as “upcycled” has been completely cleaned). 

All these things aside by far my favorite thing about Maddie’s Sock Minions is the fact that they want to make a difference!  Aside from traditional ways to support cancer research Melinda has volunteered for years at a chemo clinic and with the creation of their shop they are paying back.  10% of their profits go to support cancer research.   They hope is to become more successful so that they can donate more.  If that wasn’t reason enough to shop that Maddie’s Sock Minions their unique, whimsy and fun, sock characters are sure to.



GIVEAWAY:  Maddie’s Sock Minions is offering ONE Growing Your Baby reader the opportunity to win one of their sock minions! 

Congratulations to our winner: Amy Brewer

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