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Featured Review ~ Mountain Buggy +One

Mountain Buggy +OneThe Mountain Buggy +One offers a variety of configurations for families of all ages. If you have just one child, it can be a single, but then when a new addition comes along the second seat can be added to accommodate an infant or toddler.  Virtually the same length as a single, parents who are looking for just one stroller to do it all will love the +One.

We tested out +One all Winter.  Here is what I found:

Out of the box I popped the wheels on, installed the canopy and the added the second seat. From start to finish I was really to roll in just 10 minutes.

From birth parents have three options with the +One; they can remove the seat and use an infant seat on the frame, they can sleep their baby flat (in the the second seat) in the included cocoon, or parents can use the optional carrycot.


From 6 months+ to 44lbs little ones can ride in the front or back seat.  Both seats come equipped with 5-point safety harness that can be easily adjusted when you child grows by just turning the strap and moving it up.  To keep you child in their belt parents have to press the sides of the buckle as well as the red buttons on the front.  And it works.  Neither one of my kids can break loose.  The safety harness is also adjustable by just twisting and sliding the straps from the front.  I really like this ~ no re-feeding and no stress.

+one bundle

Because the back seat rests against the frame it does not have a recline.  The front seat however does have a slight recline, but not enough to lay flat.  The support bar that rests along the back of the seat can be adjusted up giving the front child a better recline, but this may not be too comfortable for the second child as it will reduce their personal space.  Plus, to prevent A from kicking B Mountain Buggy has created a pocket where the second rider can place their feet in.  Like with all Mountain Buggy strollers, the +One has a fixed foot rest with a metal kick pad.

Mountain Buggy +One

The stroller arrived in single mode with the second seat and the cocoon in the box.  Installing the additional seat was quick and easy.  It snaps in, in just minutes and can be removed just as easily if you want to use that space for hauling groceries.

Because it needs to shield two kids the +One has a two panel canopy that can expand to four by unzipping the two of the panels.  The additional panels, however, are mesh, which is perfect for a sunny day but less than ideal in bad weather.  The canopy can be adjusted up the frame for taller kids and pivoted forward to block direct sun from both kids.

Mountain Buggy +One - canopy

Storage underneath the stroller is both spacious and easy to access.  Even with the second seat installed, I have no trouble getting my purse and shopping bags in and out of the basket.

Mountain Buggy +One - shopping basket and brakes

Mountain Buggy +One - backFrom the first push, it is evident that this stroller was designed to work.  It is not lightweight or compact, but a serious all-terrain stroller that pushes through all strolling surfaces.  And even with a child in the back seat and no one in the front, it doesn’t tip of wobble.  With a child in both seats, it is a bit heavy, but still strolls effortlessly.  We have had  the +One for a couple months and have done most of our testing through the Winter months, I can honestly say that this stroller goes through almost anything you put in front of it.  That is due to the robust frame, rear wheel suspension and 3 – 12″ tires with inflatable inner tubes.

Parents of different heights will like the 4 position adjustable handle bars(31″, 35″, 38″, 41″).  If you have never pushed a Mountain Buggy, the rubber textured handle bar is one of my favorite features.  Designed with rubber ribbons the handle is both comfortable and easy to hold on to.  There is also a safety wrist strap for active parents.

When it was first introduced I wasn’t sure this stroller would work for us because my boys often fight for the ‘pole position’, when there is a front/back configuration.  But with the +One they actually both argued over the back seat.  This is likely because it is not a typical back seat.  It is in fact roomy for the second passenger and sits up a bit higher so there isn’t a view blockage.

The second concern I had was maneuverability.  The +One is a bit longer than a traditional stroller BUT not as long as a classic tandem.  Mountain Buggy does a great job of making good use of the space that would normally be between you and the seat.  This stroller maneuvers quite easily – even through a cluttered store.  I don’t feel like I’m pushing a bus, but have found that the canopy can be tall, because I am short, my kids are getting taller and the seats are in a stadium configuration.  It doesn’t, however, appear to be a problem for my husband because he is taller than I am.

The only issue we had with this stroller (and I think it is just my kids) was that the back rider wanted to hold on to the support bar that sits between the two seats.  This was a problem because when there is someone in the front seat their fingers would get squished.  This was not a design flaw, but just my kids being quirky.

Mountain Buggy +One - second seat

Folding the +One is done the same way that most Mountain Buggy’s fold, with a lever at the side of the footrest.  If you have never done it, it takes a bit of practice.  Mostly just to find what levers need to engaged.  Once initiated, the seats fold backwards and the frame locks with a tether strap which is located on the handle bar. When folded, the stroller is a bit long.  I pivot the canopy forward and lower the handle bar and it reduces the size by about almost a foot.  To further reduce the footprint you can also pop off the back wheels, which takes .01 seconds.

When designing the +One Mountain Buggy definitely filled a void in the market that was needed.  It is robust, versatile and perfect for urban and suburban families.

Plus, new for 2013 Mountain Buggy has introduced a parent facing seat, which lets baby face you!

Mountain Buggy +One Accessories


  • newborn – 6 years
  • seatload 20kg / 44lb
  • weight 13.5kg / 29.5lbs
  • Dimensions 25″W x 43″H x 14.5″D


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