BABYBJÖRN High Chair Product Review

Featured Review: The BABYBJÖRN High Chair

Many of us at Growing Your Baby has owned BABYBJÖRN products and have been impressed by their value and functionality.  BABYBJÖRN is well known for their quality, safety, and style and their new High Chair certainly lives up to those standards.

Babybjorn highchair

The high chair its self is very modern and sleek; it features a white molded seat and black legs.  Out of the box, this is by far the easiest product I’ve ever had to assemble!   It contains just 5 parts (the molded seat, and 4 legs).  The legs easily snap and lock into the seat base and ta-da you’re done.  The entire assembly can be completed in less than two minutes!

Now, I did have a little trouble trying to figure out how to open the legs – however, I’d blame this on the user (me) not the product or the manual.  I was looking for a lock or a lever or something to release the legs from the folded position – turns out all I needed to do is give the legs a pull and they’d open.  Basically, I was expecting it to be way more difficult than it was.

Once assembled you simply fold down the safety table, from there you insert your child into the seat, secure the 3-point safety harness and close the safety table making sure to lock it into the “in-use” position.

The safety table has three positions that can be easily adjusted by holding the red adjustment button on the underside and adjusting the table inwards or outwards. Now, I should note that while the high chair is designed for children 5months – 3 years if your 2-3-year-old is a “larger” they may not fit comfortably once the safety table is raised.  At its furthest position out the distance from tray to the back of the seat is 7” making it a little snug for bigger children – that being said the close distance between the child and the tray makes it difficult for wee ones to lose food on their lap; which is a bonus.

Babybjorn highchair In Use

The high chair’s ergonomic and encircling design with a curved backrest and adjustable, rounded table ensure that even a very young child sits comfortably and in an upright position.

Designed with parents in mind, the BABYBJÖRN High Chair is simple to keep clean with smooth surfaces without nooks and crannies where food can collect. It also features a detachable, dishwasher-safe tray.

Another feature I love about the High Chair is that it easily folds.  You simply push in the adjuster button under the table and then pull the fold lock outwards, folding the safety table as far as it will go.  Then press the leg lock so that the legs can be collapsed.  Once folded the High Chair is only 10 inches wide and weighs only 11 lbs!  Traveling and want to take the High Chair with you – to make it even more compact you can remove the chair legs by simply pushing in the pin and pulling the legs out.

If I could wish for one thing on the High Chair I’d love to see the 3-point harness converted to a 5-point harness.  While the 3-point certainly does the job my son is VERY active and tends to get a little rambunctious in this high chair – having the 5-point would give me more peace of mind that he’s safe and secure while also limiting his movement a little more.

At $300 the BABYBJÖRN High Chair is ultra-compact and ultra-portable making it ideal for parents who are looking to save on space or in my case the perfect go-to for traveling to see family.  New for Fall, this chair will also be offered in red.

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