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Five Awesome U.S. Destinations You Should See With Your Kids – Part 1: The Grand Canyon

Mather Point, Grand Canyon.

At least once in every childhood, there should be an epic road trip to an epic destination.  The Grand Canyon is such a place.

Photographs, paintings and documentary footage all try to capture the knee buckling magnitude of the Grand Canyon, but they can never quite do it justice.  Nothing ever prepares you to stand at the canyon’s edge.

The Colorado River began to carve Arizona’s jewel more than five million years ago.  It now commands the landscape along 277 river miles.  At its widest point, it spans 18 miles and the hike to the bottom is a mile long.

It is an audible gasp inducing spectacle.  But, it’s more than just a photo op.  It is a treasure trove of history, geology and ecology.  Even young children can learn amazing things at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon National Park contains a diverse fossils record and physical evidence of three of the four eras of geological time.  The park also boasts five of North America’s seven life zones and three of the four types of desert found on the continent.  This variety in climate has fostered a collection of ecosystems and a wealth of bio diversity.

The Grand Canyon offers a series of Junior Ranger programs for children between the ages of 4 and 14.  Junior Rangers participate in programs led by a park ranger and also complete age appropriate, activities from a booklet that can be found in various locations throughout the park.  Some of the programs also involve hiking or mule riding.

All the Junior Ranger programs are free of charge.  I can’t think of a better way to ensure that children remain engaged throughout their visit.

Upon completion of the Junior Ranger program, children earn a certificate and badge and can obtain a sew-on patch at one of the non-profit bookstores.  It is well worth investigating the programs to see how they might fit into your trip.

To stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon is to stand with the unfathomable forces of nature laid out at your feet.  You should see it with your kids. – Jen R, Staff Writer

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