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Hit The Trails With The Bugaboo Runner {Video Review}

Catering to active parents, Bugaboo recently debuted their Runner stroller.  Priced at $800 U.S.  for the chassis and seat, fans of the brand can cut that price tag in half if they already have a newer bugaboo stroller and use their existing seat with the Runner’s chassis.

Bugaboo seats that are compatible with Bugaboo Runner Frame

We have been testing the Runner for the last couple of weeks through the trails behind our house and love many of the features Bugaboo has added to accommodate active families!

Out of the box parents need to pop on the back wheels, tighten the front wheel in place, and attach the sun canopy to the stroller.

Designed to only be used with kids 9 months up to 4 years old, the Runner’s seat offers parents 6 recline positions – 3 facing you and  3 facing out.  If you have a little one who would like to sleep with you are out for a stroll, there is a flat recline to give them more comfort.

Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller - r

The seat on the Runner is equipped with Bugaboo’s comfort 5-point harness.  I really like this harness because it is structured to fit around your child’s shoulders and waist perfectly.  All four straps clip into the seat buckle and each strap can be adjusted to fit your child.

Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller - comfort harness

For their comfort, the seat has a roomy bum area and a fixed footrest that is able to be wiped down if your child has dirty shoes.

The canopy on the Runner is both spacious and rigid.  If you are planning to jog on a sunny day, it can zip out to extend right over your child covering them to their knees.  The hood is also strong enough that it will stay in place on a windy day.  If you purchase the Bugaboo Runner as a package Bugaboo also includes a rain cover.

Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller - forward facing full canopy

Under the stroller Bugaboo has added some storage, and elastic bands for parents to secure their goods to while they’re out so they don’t fly out if you hit a bump or two.  Just in front of the storage basket, there are also 3 velcro pockets to hold your keys, a phone or some money.

Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller - storage basket

The handlebar on the Runner is a fixed height of 43″ and Bugaboo has included a strap to wrap around your wrist to prevent the stroller from running away from you.  Just under the handlebar is a handbrake that controls the front tire.  At the bottom of the stroller, there is a second brake that locks the back wheels.

Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller - back view

The Runner rides on 3 air-filled tires.  There is a 14″ fixed wheel at the front and two 16″ tires on the back.  This, along with a strong suspension system gives the stroller a nice, even push over most terrains.  During the past couple weeks, I have taken the Runner on some of the trails behind our house, through the forest, and around some of the parks. The Runner does a great job of keeping up with me while going over taller grass,  gravel, and rocky back roads.

Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller - back 16" wheel

Even though many of the strollers we tested offer the option to fix the front wheels for bumpy terrain, I rarely do it because I don’t like not being able to steer around corners.  In this case, it is important that this stroller have a fixed front wheel in order for it to be able to provide the jogger with an effortless, steady run.  With that being said, I prefer to jog with this stroller on the gravel or forest because the loose ground provides more give when you are going around a corner.

For this reason, I would not recommend that parents use the Runner as their mall stroller.  While it does offer a nice ride for kids, it can be too hard to maneuver through tight spots.  As a jogger, it is wonderful.  And the only jogging stroller on the market(that I could find) with a reversible seat!

When you’re done the Runner folds up easily for storage.  All you need to do is remove the seat (I also remove the adapters because they tend to stick out), pull up on the levers on the side of the handlebars, push the handle bar forward, and grab the metal bar.

The Bugaboo Runner doesn’t have a frame lock but it tends to stay closed if you prop it up.

Whether you currently own a Bugaboo or you are looking for a good jogger to stay active, the Runner is a great choice.  It is easy to use, a dream to push and it goes over everything you put in front of it!

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