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Indonesian Twins Born In Single Body With 2 Heads

An Indonesian couple has welcomed a baby who was born with two heads on a single, undivided body.

Dr Rasul Alim M, director of the Puri Husada Hospital, said the baby is actually a Conjoined twin who can not be separated medically.

The newborn, who had yet to be given a name, is in good health.

He has two heads, a body with two arms, two legs, one pair of kidneys, one pair of lungs, one anus but two hearts.

Measuring 43 cm in length, the amazing baby weighed in at 3,200 grams(just over 7lbs) moments after birth.

“This is the very first Conjoined twin birth that has ever happened in Indragiri Hilir district,” Dr. Alim said about the baby born to parents Badrun, 33 and Nurhayati, 23.

On Friday, the hospital was packed with local people who had heard about the birth of the “strange” baby and wanted to see it.

Alim said the only organic abnormality in the baby was that its left heart was smaller than its right one.

“The baby is actually a Siamese twin with an abnormality and in medical terms impossible to separate, but we will take care of him in the best way we can,” he said.

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