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Kate Plus 6: Portrait By The Sea

Even though I know that many of you are sick of seeing Kate and the kids on vacation, this pic was just too cute to pass over.

It was taken by the nanny on Kate’s phone.

What I like is that everyone looks legitimately happy (even if there is a camera probably filming it all to the right).

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  • Even amidst all the publicity and problems, I still love seeing these kids. They are all so very cute. I am sure the idea of a show sounded wonderful at the beginning, who knew the strife that would come from the public life. I would certainly love to see them succeed as a family unit.

  • That photo wasn’t taken with no phone, I’m a photographer and as soon as I saw that I said “no way, that’s has to be promo shot”
    I checked the image data (it is attached to digital images) and saw that the shot was taken with a Caon 1D Mark II camera with a 300mm lens. That ain’t no phone !!!!

  • The picture Kate and the kids are posing for was taken on a camera phone. The picture I have posted here was taken by the Paparazzi with the camera you have listed above.

    Clearly our picture is going to be better than the one she got!

  • oh Kate i love how long Hanna hair is out of the girl she is my favorite out of the boys its Joel and Kate im only 11 1/2 i love your show.

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