Milwaukee Mom Welcomes 12.5lb Baby!

Newborn Jordan Tucker is the talk of the town after he surprised the delivery staff at Columbia St Mary’s Women’s Hospital in Milwaukee, by weighing 12.5lbs – the largest newborn staff can recall delivering at the hospital.

New mom Anetta Beckwith, was a week late and doctors predicted her baby would be 10 or 11lbs, but no one was prepared for his actual size.  Thankfully for her, he arrived by c-section!

Dr. Paul Burstein said,

“This was way beyond the 99th percentile…It really looked like a kid who could really skip nursery school, and go to kindergarten.”

The couple hope to bring Jordon home today but will have to stop off at the store to exchange some of the gifts they have received for him.

James Tucker, the new dad says,

“We already had clothes ready all ready, but now that we see the size. We’ll go buy some more clothes, but we’re up for the challenge. Bring it on.”

Congratulations to them.  At least he’s healthy!

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