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Mom Reports Toddler Missing 5 Weeks After Disappearance

Florida police are perplexed why a mother of a two-year-old took 5 weeks to report her daughter was missing.

On June 9th 22-year-old Casey Marie Anthony, dropped off daughter, with a babysitter. Police report that when she returned to the apartment after work there was no answer and no Caylee.

The mom told police she has known the sitter, Zenaida Gonzalez for four years. She allegedly watched Caylee on and off over the last year and a half and wasn’t believed to be someone that would take her child.

Casey told police that she has been conducting her own investigation during the last 5 weeks, but never went to authorities.

Frustrated investigators held a press conference this afternoon to plead for the public’s assistance in tracking down Caylee.

Deputy Sheriff Carlos Padilla of the Orange County Sherriff’s Office told ABCNews.com “Detectives are very concerned. We are talking five weeks here. The quicker you call, the easier it is to track someone down.”

Now that the investigation has started police have been confused about many Casey’s details. They discovered that the apartment that she claims to have dropped Caylee off at on June 9 has been vacant since February 29.

Casey was transported in an unmarked car with Orange County investigators to the last three known locations for Gonzalez in hopes getting more information. One residence turned out to be a senior-only facility, and at another no one could verify that Gonzalez or Caylee had been there.

Her demeanor has been very calm and not too worried. The job she told police had proved to be false and even though detectives have been working around the clock many of the missing child’s moms statements have been false which make it much more difficult to put the pieces together.

Yesterday she was placed under arrest for child neglect and providing false information regarding the investigation.

During her hearing Judge John Jordan said,

“You left your 2-year-old child Caylee Anthony in the custody of a person who does not exist, at an apartment you cannot identify, and you lied to your parents and friends about your child’s whereabouts.”

Let’s hope that some tips from honest people come in to help police with this case. Clearly, they are not going to get any help from this mom, but that doesn’t change the fact that a 2-year-old is missing.




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  • Have the interrogator lock her in a tiny room with not one sip of water or one breadcrumb until she cracks and she would pretty quick,you can tell shes used to being babied and appears to get whatever she wants,wouldn’t take long at all!

  • Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we set out to deceive.

    she probably needed 5 weeks to try and concoct a story to tell police after she killed her daughter. Who waits 5 weeks if someone is missing to go to the police. Someone who doesn’t want the missing person found! Sad that a beautiful little girl like that was born to a real bitch (hear her 1st taped jail comments and you hear the REAL HER…mean, angry, me, me, me,no care for her “missing daughter”.

  • This story upsets me so much as a mother i dont know how you could wait 5 weeks…come on now..i think that they should start interegating her more…something needs done AND FAST it is to long…

  • I really think that Casey was jealous of the relationship between Caylee and the grandmother.It certainly appears that Casey and her mom have definately got a disfunctional relationship, which phone calls between them suggest. Casey said that she and Caylee needed time to bond….I would think that nearly three years would be enough time for that “bond” that is supposed to happen naturally. She probably resented that closeness that,in her head, she didn’t have with her and acted accordingly by doing away with her child. She is avery sick-minded person, or maybe “evil” is a better word for her. I know that she has not been tried and convicted, but all of her lies are getting her to that point rather quickly. I’m sure that she must be in that jail thinking nonstop about what her next lie will be. I know that the truth will prevail and I pray that it will be soon, and the people who do care about that precious little girl can find some peace of mind and closure,if that’s possible!

  • I sent this to Casey at….http://www.myspace.com/cayleeismissing
    Sorry Little Angel…..I’m sorry your mom is such a fool! She didn’t appreciate Gods gift that was you. She thought of herself instead of nurturing you.You might have been president or cured cancer when you grew. I hope your self centered mother(?) spends the rest of her life in orange or blue. I wonder while she sits in her 4×6 tomb.If drinking,lying and sex was what it meant to be cool. If she just would have followed Gods 10 golden rules. The whole nation wouldn’t have to look and pray for you. Sorry little angel I’m praying for you.Although Casey doesn’t, I’ll cry for you. Sorry little angel but I promise you…..Myself and many others love and will never forget Gods little angel…YOU.

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