Mom Saves Baby After Stroller Rolls On to Train Tracks

It’s every mom’s nightmare.  You look away for a second and your stroller rolls away.  For most of us it only goes a foot or two before it is stopped but for an Australian mom, it actually rolled off the train platform and on to the tracks.

Video released by CCTV shows a group of commuters waiting for the train shocked when the stroller rolls off the 1.5 meter platform and lands on the track.

Horrified, the quick thinking mom jumped onto the tracks to save the five-month-old baby, who had landed face down.

Paramedic Simon Della-Rossa said the baby was being cared for by his parents when they arrived.

“The woman jumped down to her son, who was crying, and lifted the pram and boy back to the platform,” he said.

The lucky boy was taken to hospital with minor injuries, including a bump and bruising on his face.

This is not the first time a stroller has rolled on to a train track.  In 2010 a stroller was hit by a train after it rolled off the platform. Thankfully the baby survived and amazingly walked away with just cuts and cruises.

Train operator Metro urges mothers with strollers to be vigilant around trains.

“These sorts of incidents are a reminder to anyone standing on a train station platform with a pram,” Metro spokesman Daniel Hoare said.

“Always apply the brake, don’t let go of the pram and especially never, ever look away from the pram.”

We have also written in the past about strollers rolling off enbankments and landing in the water.  Whenever possible moms should also wear a tether strap if it is provided.
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