More Jon and Kate in Hawaii

A couple weeks ago we posted photos of Jon and Kate renewing their vows in Hawaii.
More Jon and Kate in Hawaii

More Jon and Kate in Hawaii

The family stayed at Maui’s posh Grand Wailea hotel during the vacation that ended with the couple renewing their 9-year-old wedding vows.

For the big day, which was attended by Jon’s relatives in Hawaii, the couple’s daughter Mady served as maid of honor.

In true Kate style, the sextuplets all wore matching outfits, all of which were island themed.

A reader sent us this scan from one of the weekly magazines with more pictures and info. The rest of the pictures are from TLC’s website.

Thanks Nicole!

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  • Does anyone know where I can get the quicksilver shirts that the boys wore in hawaii? I really want it for my Son’s 2nd bday. Thanks!

  • I have watched this show from the beginning and am discussed on how Jon and Kate get more advantages tossed their way than working people who only have 2-3 kids. Teeth whiting, tummy tucks, hair plugs and Kate’s hair looks like a pro comes in. A far cry from the “before” photos. Also, where does Jon work??? I know he changes jobs from IT analyst to work for his friend but seems like now there is NO job. Does TLC pay for everything??? Health insurance alone for a family of 10 doesn’t come cheap but I am sure Jon and Kate don’t care.

  • I don’t blame them one bit – I think its silly that anyone would be upset by the good life they are living – I bet anyone would take any of these oppertunties that came their way – I would and I would be thanking my Lord and Savior God every step of the way !!!
    I love the show and they arn’t doing anything wrong !!!!
    Denise in Florida – you said it best !!!!

  • I agree with many above, that if you do not like what you are watching, simply don’t watch. Are we forgetting that we pay film, music and sports “stars” millions upon millions of dollars for the very short amount of entertainment they provide? Not to mention that we do not get the opportunity to intimately know these “stars” on such a personable basis as we do with Jon and Kate Gosselin. “Judge not lest thou be judged”. As for them “choosing” to have all of these children-they simply did what any couple wanting more children, yet couldn’t conceive on their own, would do. Who are we to tell them that they should reduce the number of children that Kate was carrying? They obviously have a deep rooted faith in God that allowed them the peace of mind to endure the long road it took to bring all 8 of their wonderful children into the world. I myself can say that if in their shoes, my husband and I would have done the exact same thing. With all of the garbage that is on television these days, it is absolutely wonderful to have a program as honest, full of love, and family friendly as what the Gosselins bring to us each week. In life there will be those who do and those do not like each and every one of us. I pray for the Gosselins-and the rest of us that we live our lives not by what others believe we should be doing, but by what God wants for us-and what is good in our hearts. I commend this family for sharing the good and the bad they endure with us, and may God bless them abundently so that they may be a witness to others for all they have received. May you all have a wonderful day!

  • I agree with most of you. I love the show, the kids are great. Up until today I was all for the show, but now after reading a few articles I’m kind of confused on whether Jon and Kate are doing the show for the right reasons.
    Yet, for those who say that there are other large families out there and no one gives them as much attention or free stuff, not very many large families take the time to write books or give up their privacy. I bet that everyone knows who they are, as far as their kids when they are off in college (which will be paid for in full) they will agree that their parents always had the best intentions for their kids.
    None the less if I don’t agree I can change the channel and eventually the show will disapear like all the other ones. Personally I think it’ll be over after they go to kindergarten. I just hope that when they are all older they do a follow up show to see what became of everyone, and if Jon really puts up with Kate for the rest of his life.

  • What was once an entertaining show has now become the new “Live Styles of the Rich and Famous”. I think there days are numbered, there is nothing ‘real’ about this reality show.


  • Lifestyle of the rich and alone….
    Strange how Kate has alienated all, of her friends and family.
    Oh yes she has.
    No more Jodi/brother, and no more Carly, all gone.
    Jon’s friends have all given up on him and grandparents have
    been shoved aside by Kate.
    Kate/Jon had to pay for her own wedding because her parents
    did not want to pay for a Hawaii wedding.
    She got even by saying goodbye to her own parents.
    All true.
    When all of your family is pushed out how is it so many peoples fault instead of possibly one persons. (kate)

  • Wow – I’m appalled. So many people ready to throw this couple right under the proverbial bus. Try having eight children of your own, all the same ages (or very close to) and see how you do. The thing no one ever realizes is what goes on that the public DOES NOT SEE. Don’t condemn someone until you walk at least a mile in their shoes. No wonder this world is so messed up – there are so many people in it just negative and ready to shoot you down no matter what you do.

    And is there a lot of marketing involved in the show? YES. How the hell else do you expect a stay at home mom and IT professional to be able to afford raising these kids? Jesus. People grow up, get real and get off your high horses. If you don’t like them, DON’T WATCH THE SHOW. Simple as that.

    Not to say that I’m a lover of all things Jon & Kate – hell I don’t have kids – I don’t even WANT kids but I can certainly appreciate the level of self control it must take not to lose your mind amidst that type of constant craziness.

    To those of you who have nothing better to do than pick on someone else’s life – why not try getting one of your own.

  • My, how the mighty have fallen.

    As of this date, it appears they will divorce. At least they admit they are separated.

    Jon has himself a little girlfriend and Kate has a silver fox of a boyfriend.

    They have moved into their mansion. The family is falling apart.

    Kate has turned into a wicked, hateful witch. Jon is a beaten-down shell of himself. No energy anywhere for this family.

    We hope this ends this sham of a family who rose from seeming to be a sweet family to a family living in a million dollar mansion whose parents despise one another, and Kate who can barely tolerate her children.

  • Hi!im from the philippines and i really watch your tv show a lot the Jon and Kate Plus 8 and when i learned that you’ve filed for divorce im really upset about it.Raising an eight kids is a very stressful, but to what i see on your show,your doing a great job!! Your family is great and I know, whatever decisions you made is all for the sake of your children..People out there who are criticizing your family are just jealous on the free stuff that you were getting from your show.. Just Dont Mind them!! Im looking forward to the many more episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 may it be,happy,sad,memorable or embarrassing moments it doesnt matter.

  • I realize that this comment may be a bit late in coming but this whole scene of kate in a dress from on of the most exspensive stores known to man getting primped and pampard begs the queston.
    What is really important to kate?

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