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Morning Sickness Causes Mom To Loose 42lbs During Pregnancy

When I was pregnant, I was lucky to not have any morning sickness at all.

Fiona Shaw wasn’t so lucky. At five weeks pregnant she had morning sickness so bad, she could barely keep half a biscuit down.

By 28 weeks she had plummeted from a size 14, 170lbs to a size six, 128 lbs.

When an ultrasound revealed that the baby was suffering causing her to need an emergency c-section.

Tianna was born more than two months premature weighing just 2lb 5oz.

At one point the mom-to-be was admitted to hospital with dehydration and blurred vision. “I was diagnosed with hyperemesis, or severe morning sickness, and given anti-sickness drugs and had a scan, but they said everything was all right with the baby,” she said.

Unfortunately, the drugs did not work, and by week ten she was back in hospital.

“It got to the point where just the smell of food made me feel sick,” she said.

At 21 weeks Fiona thought she needed another ultrasound because her weight still falling.

The results were fine, but another scan at 28 weeks in August gave alarming news.

Tianna had barely put on any weight and there seemed to be problems with her heart rate.

Within the hour, the baby was delivered.

Tianna weighs 15lb, and her 5ft 6in mother is back to a healthy weight. SOURCE


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