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Three Year Old Sleeps Through Lightning Strike

During a recent storm, lightning struck and blew a hole in the bedroom wall of a sleeping toddler.

When Elis Roberts’s parents found him, he was fast asleep in his room, which was covered in masonry, plaster and dust.

The lightning blew all the light bulbs and electrical equipment in the house and neighbouring homes as storms hit Flint, north Wales.

Ms Mulreay, who also has a one-year-old baby son Deryn, said she was nodding off when she heard a noise like “a massive explosion.”

It turned out that lightning had hit the gable end of her house and exploded breeze blocks in the wall, leaving a hole high up the wall of Elis’ bedroom.

But they found him safe and well, and blissfully unaware of the drama going on around him. “He didn’t even wake up,” said his mother.



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