Oprah Speaks With Jon And Kate Plus 8

Today was a bit chaotic on the Oprah Winfrey show. The talk show host was joined by my favorite TV couple and their 8 children.

Jon and Kate Gosselin, along with their twins, Cara and Mady and sextuplets Hannah, Joel, Leah, Collin, Alexis and Aaden sat down with Oprah to discuss life with two sets of multiples.

Many of you know the family from their TLC show ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’, which airs every Monday night.

In 2000, Kate gave birth to twin girls, Cara and Mady. Then, the couple decided to try for one more child.

“We got a little more than we bargained for—we got six more,” Kate says. “We’re considered a fertility nightmare.”

At 5 weeks gestation, Kate had a feeling there was more than one baby growing inside of her.

“As soon as they flashed the ultrasound screen, I saw too many circles to count,” she says. “I was thinking, ‘These cannot be babies. There’s too many.’ I instantly went into shock.”

Jon’s reaction:

“He was close to tears, which he’s usually very silent and strong,” Kate says. “I thought, ‘Now we’re really in trouble.’ … It sounds funny now, but at the time, our whole lives just flashed before our eyes.”

Even knowing how draining – emotionally and financially – raising eight children would be but Jon and Kate say they never considered reducing the number of fetuses in the womb.

“When we went in for that [fertility] appointment, I said to them every time, ‘Really be careful with us, because we’re not doing that ever. It’s not for us,'” she says. “Actually, right before that ultrasound, the last thing I said to [the doctor] was, ‘Whatever you’re giving me, we’re taking.'”

On May 10th 2004 at an amazing 30 weeks gestation, in just three minutes the couple welcomed Alexis Faith, weighing 2 pounds, 11.5 ounces, Hannah Joy, 2 pounds, 11 ounces; Aaden Jonathan, 2 pounds 7.5 ounces; Collin Thomas, 3 pounds 0.5 ounces; Leah Hope, 2 pounds 14.8 ounces, and Joel Kevin, 2 pounds 9.7 ounces.

Now that the sextuplets are almost 4, the busy mom spends most of her time cooking healthy, organic meals for her family of 10.

“My day is make a meal, serve a meal, clean up a meal, clean up everything, wipe this one, change that one, deal with this one,” she says

Kate’s day by the numbers:

  • she runs the dishwasher two or three times a day
  • uses about 1,200 paper plates every month
  • do at least two loads a day, with the most being five a day

It took two days, six suitcases and three carry-ons to get the Gosselins from Pennsylvania to Chicago. When they travel, Kate says she fills luggage with treats, blankets, Crayons and toys to keep the kids busy during the flight. “Take tons of food,” she says. “That’s my secret for everything. When they’re cranky, just feed them.”

I love Kate’s no nonsense approach to motherhood. The kids don’t get away with anything in fact the couple says that “timeouts are as normal as blinking.”

They may be out of the “terrible 2” phase, but Kate says the sextuplets’ behavior has not improved. In fact, it’s gotten worse. “Actually, 3s are rougher for us than 2s,” she says. “Didn’t you know? Three is the new 2.”

If you would like to read more about the interview. Please visit Oprah’s site.

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  • I love what you both do everyday . I see am not the only one who loves kids . At this time am will have my 4th one in 6 weeks . My oldest is 2 days younger than the six lol . She love seeing them . I think it is b/c they are just like her . She can not keep still at all . Well when you can I hope you can get back to me .

    bye TTYL

  • Hello there! I am just writing, along with the hundreds of other people a day, to say that I love your show. I love to watch how you two handle situations with your children and find myself relating to your problems, struggles, joys and dispairs. I can only relate to a certain point, though, seeing as I am a mother of 3 and not 8. lol. My son Benjamin is 7.5, my 2nd is Alexander who’s 4.5 and my daughter Reilly is 9 months. Your show is great and although it SEEMS like you and your husband get on each other’s nerves a lot (ha ha) I know how that is as well, and I’m sure they do a lot of editing to make the show as “interesting” as they can. One simple question I have, is, how old are you and Jon? I know Jon has to be 30 or 31 since you had a show on him turning 30. Just curious! Since I am 31, I was wondering if you were around the same age!…Please try and have some speaking engagements on Long Island in NY!!! You have a ton of fans here and so many would love to hear from you. Thanks for your show and good luck with your kids. They are beautiful children, by the way!!

    ~Tara D.

  • Jon & Kate,

    I absolutely love your show and Thank you for welcoming us all into your home. I look forward to watching every week. I have raised my three boys. They have all left home but the youngest and he is 18. My other two are 22 and 20. I thought that was hard until I seen you with 8. I love the way you have that no nonsense way about you Kate. You obviously dont take any crap! You both seem like wonderful, loving parents. God Bless!

  • Jon & Kate, Love, Love, Love your family and your TV show. Your sweet, beautiful children make me smile and laugh aloud. I am a grandmother of six – 3 boys and 3 girls of all different ages and would feel overwhelmed with all of them at once. You two are an inspiration to all young, married couples with children, as you have found humor in your marriage, your personalities mesh well, and your love shines through in the dealings of your everyday life with the twins and the sextuplets. I wish you all the best and always, always look forward to watching your 8 gosselins grow

  • God bless your beautiful family. Being alone most of the time, I feel vicariously the joy that children bring to a home through viewing your day-to-day life. Your children are a delight – intelligent, loving and totally adorable little individuals. And I love seeing how you both cope – the love you have for each other comes through very clearly and without this mutual love and respect, it would be impossible to creat a loving home for these wonderful children.

  • Hey I love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my all time favorite show in the whole entire world!!!! The kids are so cute! There show is so awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • I have just started watching this adorable show and I have never laughed so hard. Jon and Kate are doing a FANTASTIC job raising these cute children. If I’m in a bad mood, I turn on their show and it lifts my spirts every time. Thank you SO much for making me laugh.

    Also, I love how Kate and Jon get along. They crack me up.

  • Hi Jon and Kate and the Fabulous 8,
    I love the show. I especially love the Valentine’s Day episode. It was nice that Kate wanted to make sure the kids understood what Valentines day meant which is to show eachother what love Truely is. I love how Kate is so orderly and cares for all her children deeply. I can see myself in her shoes. Ever since I watched the show, I am trying be more patient with my 2 kids. I have a 5 year old girl and almost 2 year old boy and I love them dearly. Since I work all the time its hard to spend quality time with them, but a mother does what she has to do with her family. JON AND KATE ” You are my ultimate IDOL” God Bless you guys and your wonderful family.

  • I love the show and watch it everyday on TLC, but WHY hasn’t anyone mentioned the AWFUL way Kate talks to Jon? Yeah, we all know she has 8 kids – so does Jon. He doesn’t talk to her like garbage, unless it’s in response to HER verbal attacks. I am embarrassed that she “represents” Christian women in this belittling way. If she doesn’t watch it, she might be raising these kids on her own because Jon will get sick and tired of being spoken to like a moron – and he’ll sign his walking papers. Watch it, Kate – you’ve got an awesome husband and you’re a Christian – speak like one.

  • Hey i love your show even though i’m olny 12! I think your kids are the cuteist! I find it so coll that they all have there own personalitys! I always watch your show my two brothers and two sisters love watching it! I also know what its like to have a big family! Well hope you right back!

    From your biggest fan Brookey! (Brooke)

  • Dear Jon and Kate:

    No one can pretend to really KNOW the emotional taxing that takes place daily in your lives w/ 8 little ones.

    I’m 45 and married twice. I now have been married 23 years to the love of my life.


    It’s hard to coordintate a sitter for a few hours but having just a dinner out once a week….SHOWS eachother how much you WANT TO BE TOGETHER…you can LISTEN (not argue >:/ . . . about EACHOTHERS DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS.. HAVE 2 DRINKS EACH AND …T A L K 🙂 AND S M I L E 🙂 AND KISS AND LISTEN TO EACHOTHER…NOTHING ELSE SHOULD MATTER…KEEP SHOP TALK TO JUST 10 MINUTES OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME TOGETHER…YOU CAN TALK SHOP HOLDING EACHOTHER IN BED.

    I’m a strongwilled capable mom/women . . MY guy…. talked me into LEAVING…”JUST THE TWO OF US”….all the time….. NOW …I LOVE HEARING “JUST US TWO”

    TO KATE: There more than one way to get things done…you need to let go more often of the need to be very orginzed and perfect…. IT MAKES STRESS…FOR EVERYONE… and COULD COST YOU YOUR HUSBANDS LOVE AND YOUR…..MARRIAGE…be careful Kate. A dominering wife emasculate the mans ego…. that’s a hurtful, hurtful thing.

    Kate…I KNOW you like being right……but at what cost????? Love your man….be nice girl…. (:-)

  • hi!!! jon and kate , I AM A 65year old handicap lady , your parenting inspires me.Kate you are really pretty jon is really lucky.your really lucky to have beautiful kids , especially Aeden and hannah.

  • Dear Jon, Kate, Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel.

    Hello my name is Courtney I’m your biggest fan, but I’m only 11 years old. I can’t live a day without seeing someone in your family. I know everything about your family, I love your family so much that I’m writing a book about (it’s facts).Know one in your family is my favorite I love everyone the some. My dream is to meet your family. I dream that I can meet your family, when I moew the grass I dream that I’m driving to meet you. If you don’t belive that I’m your biggest fan read what’s nexts. Kate you are 2 years older then Jon, and you write with your left hand. Jon you do your best to keep up with his high-energy family, and does enjoy snowboard. Cara Nicole born at 5:51p.m., and very caring with the babies. Madelyn (Mady) Kate born at 5:57p.m., and loves to perform. Alexis Faith nickname “Sassy” and loves reptiles.Hannah Joy nickname “Hannie”, and is momys helper. Aaden Jonathon receding in hairline “going bald”, and a different animal everyday. Collin Thomas stubbern but lovable, and likes to gather thing that are the same in color-shape-sizes. Leah Hope is the tinnest of the family, and talkative. Joel Kevin is close to Hannah and Leah, and he keeps to himself. My dream is to meet you if you could write me back or at least let me meet you I’d be the happyist person in the whole world.

  • You are a wonderful family. I only have two children and still wonder to this day how I will get through, but then I see your show and everything just seems to work itself out. I love my family and work hard at it, but I have never seen anyone work as hard with a family as you both have. I thank you for all you have shoen everyone. Thanks again

  • I love this show!! The kids are so cute! God bless Kate and Jon for all that they do! Your kids are wonderful!! How so remember all their names?!

  • I have been fascinated by your family. I raised three children (no multiples). I felt overwhelmed at times. I can’t imagine being in your shoes!

    I am curious why none of the biological grandparents are involved in your lives? Would you mind sharing what that is about?

    Best wishes every day for each one of you!

  • I am a mother of three and work a full-time job and am exhausted by the end of the day. Your show is very inspirational to me and it gives me a reality check that you have 5 more than I do and to stop being a whiner!LOL! Your children are beautiful and I really think the job you do with them is wonderful, I especially like that your lives have a religious background because in this day and age you need something you can cling to when times are tough. Keep doing what your doing!

  • Hi I love your show, i started watching it when i was fliping threw the channels all 6 of them cought my eye it took me two day to remember all yalls names!! but two weeks to tell the sextuplets apart, Mady and Cara are easy, mady has lost alot of teeth missing and is very wild cara she is sweet,Hannah she is mommys helper and tends to stick to Kate and has a glazed look , i have trouble telling the diffrence between alexis and leah,the boys were the EASIEST!!! Aaden has glasses and tends to stick to Jon, Joel tends to stick to jon too and he has the glazed look, And collin he is little! Hannah,collin,Joel,and Aaden all stand out and look diffrent. I love them all but my favorites (hard too say) Are Cara,Leah,Aaden,and Hannah I am only 11 but i love your show Please right back that would make me very happy .
    thank you for reading

  • Hi Jon and Kate…. and all 8..
    I just wanted to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE your show. It helps me relax and just get into your lives. I am glad that you are on TLC and i try to watch our shower every chance i get. i love the TLC marathons where I can catch up on what I have missed (due to me working SO Much) AND You guys do an amazing job with those kids. My aunt June had Quads in 1996 and I remember watching them when they were little and how everything was a HUGE deal. Like they have this book that has every dipper change and every feeding and every kids nap time and all that jazz in it. Its amazing! So I am sure that my Aunt can feel you pain. But keep up the good work… and you say 4 is easy. She just had another baby girl too. and she had a son before the kids were born. Even though she has two less kids then you. I can relate to what you are going though. Just keep living life and ENJOYING your kids at they age they are at. They sure grow fast. I hope TLC will keep you on for a couple more years. I would love to see all the kids reach at least 1st grade! its amazing how they grow up even from 3 to 4. Thanks for EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO! the kids are SO cute. I would love to help babysit them. It would defiantly be an experience!

  • aww i love jon amd kate plus 8 i watch that show all the time n its reall cool how kids grow up so fast lol man the kids are so cute well i think jon and kate are really good parents so keep up the good work

  • Hi, I love your show! i record every show. I know all the kids names. The twins,Cara, shes good with the kids,Mady, shes a free spirited and likes to preform. The sextuplets, Hannah, she mommy’s helper and likes horses, Leah is the smallest and is very talkative and speaks clearly, Alexis likes reptiles and is very loud, Joel is shy and is good at figuring things out, Collin is a little stubborn and very cute and he likes to do simple tasks but he makes sure he gets them done,and Aaden loves animals and is like a tiny professor with his glasses and his serious look. I love all your kids because they are so cute! i would like to someday meet you and your kids because if you can make it in life then it makes me want to grow up and have kids and make it to!

  • Hi Jon,Kate,Cara,Mady,Hannah,Alexis,Leah,Collin,Aaden,andJoel.

    I love to watch your show.I live close by and my biggest dream is to meet your family some day.I’m young but i babysit a lot and i love children.I want to meet your family so badily.I can’t go a day without watching atleast one episode.I watch it every night and I’m going to buy your seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.when you guys went to the pittsburgh zoo i wish i was there to see you guys.If you could please email me back I’d appreciate it.And i want to meet your family so badly one day!

  • i think Kate should drink Monavie.. I love there show but kate is so tired and out of energy, Monavie is all nautural and 4oz a day is 13 servings of fruit a day that we all are suppose to have. I am not a big health person and have tried so many health products to help repair my body from all the damage threw the yrs and Monavie is the only juice that has ever helped save my life and lifes around me. Now i am telling everyone about it.

  • i came across this in a group thought you should know what some cruel people who live around you have said. i don’t know if there is an email you have set up. this is what was written
    I have been following the unfolding issues regarding Jon & Kate Plus 8 for some time now however have kept my mouth shut about their family until now.

    I happen to live in the same development as Jon & Kate and have never found them to be personable people. I will say that when they first moved in, you could get a waive out Jon or at least he would acknowledge your presence. However recently i’ve noticed that is no longer the case.

    Kate has NEVER been personable. Numerous times I can recall walking around the development and seeing her doing what she does best (sitting on her butt while a volunteer helper chases after the children). So many times I’ve extended a greeting or a waive and she just looks the other way and does not take the time to acknowledge my existence.

    With that said, I was NOT very surprised recently when the topic in the development was the very unfriendly signs that they have now placed in their front yard. A total of 3 signs are now posted in front of their house. The signs read:

    Do not stop in front of our house, do not take pictures and do not stop and talk to us.

    I wish I were kidding, but I am not. My question, is who do these people think they are. First and foremost they live on a public street so anyone can camp out on that street all day long if they so desired. Secondly, have they now reached the point that they are willing to publicly display their feelings that they are too good for the rest of the world??

    After seeing them appear on the numerous talk shows, I was so amazed at the things that came out of Kates mouth. Just being a neighbor, I knew she was lying when she claimed to have very little help with the kids. I see volunteers in and out of that house all the time, I see the volunteers in the front chasing her kids around and I can see their backyard from my house and see Kate again just sitting on the swing while others tend to her children.

    She wants to complain that she’s so tired, blah blah blah….try actually raising a family and you will see how tiring it actually is. There are plenty of families that are not profiting from choosing invetro and having 8 kids. Those families struggle to make ends meet, meanwhile Jon and Kate are lying and having everything handed to them. There are families in this world who are in dire need of help….this family is NOT one of them and its about time that people realize this.

    I will say, I have never spoken to Jodi either, however have seen her in the development and she has always given a waive and/or a smile. I have many friends within the development who agree that she is a great person who is getting the raw end of this deal.

    Kate is nothing compared to millions of moms out there, Kate is weak and although she chose this life path,she is milking it for what its worth…and Jon does what he does best and sits there with his tail between his legs. Jon needs to grow some balls and start doing what is right. Their children are learning nothing more than how to dupe good people into helping someone who is not in need.

    I say their 15 minutes of fame should soon come to an end, and we all start helping those families truly in need. The truth is surfacing about this family and it is about time.

    I applaud Jodi for her maturity, and join in with the rest of those laughing at Kate and Jon for being the idiots that they are!!

    Jodi’s sisters blog is awesome as well, and i’m so glad that someone is putting the truth out there….FINALLY!!!

    On a final note, Kate being the honest person that she is, has she ever mentioned the incident recently where she backed into another vehicle and then drove away without giving her information to the other driver? Well, the other driver got her plate and little Ms. Kate got a visit from the police! I guess Kate thought she was too good to talk to the person she hit too!!

  • hey im a little kid but love the show its awsome! i wach it all the time and tell her wat happens lol she is puttind my little broyher to sleep so i need to telll her lol any way ttyl


  • WOW. i love your show. its so amazing and your kids are so sweet! I just got done babysitting 5 kinds on the weekend… 2 three year olds, a ten year old and 7 year olf and an 8 year old. I was so tired when i got home.
    I cant imagine babysitting 8 kids.

  • omg i love your show,your kids are great,and you have a wonderful family,but i dont know how you do it,i can barley keep up with the 2 i have,but you are amazing you really are one of a kind and i thank you b/c you help do better for my kids i have learned so much from watcking your show,me and my kids love your show,well watch it everytime its on even re-runslol well thanks

  • Jon and Kate, just wanted to tell you that i love your family! I have been watching your show almost daily this summer. I really wish you lived near me.I’m seroius. lol. Your kids crack me up everytime i watch. Actually, you do too. Anyway, your just a wonderful family and i mean it from the bottom of my heart!


  • Everytime I watch the show it just puts a smile on my face. I love the little kids, especially listening to their little voices. It is so amusing to me when they hold conversations with each other. I just think that Jon and Kate you two are great parents. I hope that one day when I become a mother I will instill in my children everything that you are! I wish you the best with you and yours!

  • Dear Jon,Kate,Alexis,Hannah,Aaden,Collin,Leah,Joel,

    I am your BIGGEST fan in the whole wide world!!! I’m only 11 years old and my dream is to meet your family someday. I think it is awesome how you parent all of your children. They are adorable. I know each and every one of their personalities. Everytime I watch your show I get a smile on my face! I have a friend that is going into 2nd grade and she reminds me so much of Mady. I would really like to meet you because I don’t have any brothers or sisters and I think your kids are awesome! Please E-mail me back.

  • i love your show!! i can belive how you take care of your 8 kids so well!! they are so cute!! god bless u all!!!

  • Dear Jon Kate Cara Madi Alexis Hannah Aaden Collin Lia and Joel,

    I’m probably one of your biggest fans! im 11 and I live like 15 miles away. One day I had a swim meet near you. we were coming home and we passed your house I totaly screamed. Then I called my best friend Shianne and she was so happy for me. Your kids are so awesome!
    I Know everything about them. If you wrote me back I would probably frame it and put it on my wall. All that Shianne and I talk about is you.We make up songs and everything. I hope that we can all watch them grow up.

  • My kids and I love watching this show. While I find Kate to be very abrasive and overbearing I do enjoy watching all the trials of such a large family. Nobody’s perfect. Believe me, I would know. I am the mother of three and (soon to be) step mother to three more, aged 10,8,6,5,5,and 4. New age brady bunch lol, I have a girl and two boys, Ritch has two girls and a boy. It’s stressful but fun. Almost wish we could do a show of our own: “Heather & Ritch: Our Six” makings of a blended family.
    I actually kind of feel bad for them, Kate and Jon could benefit from seeing a counselor. I just wish they would realize that not everything has to be a battle between them or with the kids. Also, Maddy is a beautiful girl but whatever is going on with her they may need to take care of. The “princess/boss” attitude needs to be taken down a few notches, I know the parents don’t advocate spanking but I feel this girl in greatly in need of an “attitude adjustment” (i’m talking about a swat, not a beating for those who need it defined). If Kate and Jon don’t take care of it now she will become worse in time. I good indication of what’s to come is the girl’s attitude and backtalk when Kate introduced the chores and her numerous meltdowns (the little ones don’t seem to have as many).
    But these are just observations. All in all I think the kids are cute and I look forward to the “loving” moments between Jon and Kate.
    To Sarah above, I’m sure these signs weren’t meant to be as rude as you took them. This family is highly publicised which presents a great many risks which include threats of kidnapping etc… Kids can be too trusting and I’m sure these parents just want to protect their children from strangers approaching them. Fans can be stupid sometimes. If the community has issues with the family, why not write them a letter and express your concerns. Open the lines of communication, nicely.
    Anyways, I hope this show stays on for a long time. All my kids love it too.

  • You know what guys…..If you don’t like the show, no one is forcing you to watch it!!! I LOVE THE SHOW!!!! It is real! Not the reality crap that is all over the place now!!!!

    Jon and Kate: I have faith that these judgemental people would look awfully silly on camera! Perhaps they are just jealous! NO WORRIES!!!

    A BIG FAN,

  • I absolutely love your show. None of us are perfect parents or spouses, so people who are judging negatively need to look in the mirror. As a wife, parent, and teacher, I always try to think positively. The glass is half-full, not half-empty to me. Continue to love and enjoy your children.

  • Why aren’t these children wearing bike helmets !! As a nurse who has seen so many head injuries and deaths caused by children not wearing bike helmets I am angered by watching these children on bikes, skate boards, and scooters without protection. That goes for dad too, as he rides off on roller blades with his older girls chasing him on their bikes! Shame on you Kate you should know better your a NURSE. We try to teach our children good safety habits and then they see your show !!

  • hey jon and kate,
    my whole family gets a kick out of your show, your kids are so cute, and we love watching you all. i hope you contitiue to make it for at least a few more years.

  • Hey Jon and Kate i absolutly LOVE your show!! Your kids are soo cute and funny!! I woould love to meet you because i live very close to you!! I think Mady and Cara are a huge help with the babies. I am one of 8 children myself and agree that it gets crazy but its fun having everyone around. I am the oldest at 14 and have taken plenty of babysiting classes so if ever you need someone please call me.. Thank you for reading this!!

  • Kate is so rude to Jon that I no longer enjoy watching the show. My children have noticed that Jon does all the work and Kate just insults him. This show should be taken off the air. So what, you have eight kids. Deal with them on your own!!

  • I love this show. I am a grandmother raising 2 young children 5 days a week. (I had twins too!) I know how tired I am at the end of the day so I can only imagine how tired they must be! I do however have 2 concerns. One, Kate is often very hard on Jon. I think if she watches the shows she will see that he really isn’t such a disconnected husband and father. I think he does more than she gives him credit for. Things can not always be the way we want them. Patience is virtue. Secondly, I was disturbed by some of the comments lately about places they have been invited to. For instance, when they were recently at the Strasburg Railroad they were on a train where the man on the train gave a talk about the history of the Strasburg experience. Jon and Kate were, I felt, very rude when they talked about it on tv. I’m sure the man on the train, who was just doing his job, was probably very embarrassed by what they said. I notice that they always get special treatment wherever they go (such as a private train ride at Strasburg and behind the scenes tour at Sesame Place and the Pittsburg Zoo) but are maybe becoming too used to the special treatment and becoming less appreciative of the opportunities that are being granted to their family, at probably no cost to them. I really do love the show and will be upset the day they take it off air. I just would like to hear them be more appreciative of all they are given. And God bless Jodi! Everyone needs a relative like her! Do Jon and Kate ever do anything special for her? They should be very appreciative of Jodi and all she does for them. Such a nice lady who obviously loves kids.

  • I absolutely love the show. It bothers me so much to see negative comments about kate and/or any of the family members. i dont think there is one person that has commented here that can relate to what kate has gone through. eight kids, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… that is A LOT of work. take a walk in her shoes and see if your opinion changes. of course she gives jon a hard time… are you trying to tell me that you dont give your husband/wife/significant other a hard time?- everyone is guilty of this. the only difference is, is that you arent admirable enough to have your own tv show to show what hardships you go through.
    as for kates neighbor- i cant say i exactly blame the family for their choice of displaying those signs. although they might not be the friendliest message you were hoping to see, can you blame them for not wanting a variety of people from all around stopping to talk to the parents and their children? yes, they chose to have their lives publicized on television, but they did not chose to open a door for anyone to stop by and intrude. the point of this reality show is to depict the life they live everyday like other families, yet with 8 children insrea of the stereotypical 2 children. althought contreversial to many, it is a privelegive to be given a glimpse into the lives of the gosselins via TLC’s reality show. yet this does not mean that we are given an invitation into their lives to the fullest.
    i look at those children and think how lucky they are to have parents that adore them to the utmost. it is so fortunate that they now have sponsors and fans that are willing to contribute to their fortune and make donations to this family to help them experience things they would never be able to experience on their own with 8 children (i.e.- disney world, skiing, etc.). instead of being bitter that they are the ones that are loved by so many that they are able to provide for their children and make things enjoyable, we should be happy that there are still good people out there that are still concerned about the well being of others and are willing to give a little in order for others to live a little.
    god bless….

  • I am not sure who Kate thinks she is, but she is the most abrasive person I have met… is all about her and her wants and wishes. When you have kids, it is not about you anymore. Also, if I hear her cut down on Jon one more time, I am going to explode. GET A LIFE and raise a family like the rest of America. Kate and her issues need to be taken off the air. Every event, trip and outing is all about her. What a horrendous example for her kids. Also, when does Jon ever get to complete a sentence? Her kids will grow up into a false reality of volunteers and seeing her Mom as a lazy complainer. Enough already!

  • I’m trying to be fair, but this is getting out of hand! I’ve seen some epidsodes from the beginning until now, and I can’t bear to watch anymore. Kate needs to invest some money in getting help with the house and kids on a daily basis. The constant nagging about Jon is too much. The marriage may be working now, but the bad feelings will accumulate, there’s only so much a guy can take. And I’m not sure what kind of respect the kids will have for him later on. She’s turned this into all about her, and it’s too irritating to stand anymore. It’s like watching a train wreck. I’m sure you’re getting paid something for this, so, please, for the kids sake…use some of it for help.

  • This show has gone on for far too long. These people need to get a grip on reality. Kate is the biggest Witch and treats everyone like crap. She should actually try to raise her kids herself and not let others do it for her. I just finished watching their trip to NC, where the showed themselves as truly ignorant people. It is time to pull the plug on Jon & Kate.

  • Easy people! Try not to judge Jon and Kate since you only know them through a TV show, the whole point of which is that they love their family. Every family has some problems but its how you stick together and grow that defines you. The negative people out there seem to feel the need to put other people down to make themselves feel better. Its sad really…

  • I actually am new and catching up on past episodes of the show. I believe that as a viewer of the show we must remember that not everything is shown on the TV. As a mother of 3 myself, I know how exhausted a full time mother can be at the end of the day. I noticed that on the show they often show Jon running around doing this and that and caring for the kids clothes, beds, and such. However, being a mom,I know that in the background Kate is cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and such. Apparently Jon and Kate split the household responsibilities and we mainly see the things Jon does. Kate has them all day and so I am sure when Jon is home from work he wants to bond with them as well. I think that having the show and putting their lives out there is admirable. I wouldn’t want the world to see my house when it is messy, my attitude when I am tired, my family arguments etc. But any money they make I am sure helps their kids in the long run. Clothes, toys, trips, meals etc. the list goes on. On their own this would nearly be impossible. They are probably putting back money for the childrens’ educations too.
    About the yard signs, and private (rude to some) behavior, I believe this is for safety. With the kids being on TV, think of all the strange ones out there who might want to snatch one?????? I am sure Kate is always worried about that. I can imagine that when people see her outside sitting or relaxing–they think she is lazy. But I can imagine that she has just finished a bundle of laundry and her mind and body needs a break.
    As far as her attitude toward Jon..
    When I think back to when my kids were little, I can recall taking out the days frustration on my husband when he arrived home. It was as if I felt HE HAD A BREAK today because at least he got to leave and go to work! SILLY yes–realistic YES. I remember fussing about this and that–and now looking back–I do feel bad sometimes. But when I ask my husband about this he says he ALWAYS felt bad because he was able to leave the house and have lunch out and talk to other adults, all the while knowing I was trapped at the house. So he was glad to pitch in more when he was at home.
    Give this couple a break and also give them credit for doing a great job. I love that they mention that they are NOT perfect and are doing their best to raise their children in a loving home. Kate and Jon, keep it up! Yes Kate they are growing up quickly and before you know it, those little ones will be caring for you and Jon. Can you imagine if all 8 have 2 kids? Lets see 16 grandkids or more and all the same ages–better get used to all the turmoil!

  • Kate I just want you to know that I talk to my husband the exact same way you do!! It does not mean I dont love him or dont respect him, give me a break. I have three boys – they are VERY active, and I dont have time to be politically correct when one of them is running off possibly about to get hurt – I need my husband to understand that moment the urgency of what I need – it is always in the best interest of the child – the best part about being in a partnership w/ your spouse is you can be real – even if that comes across as “cold” or “degrating” whatever someone would like to call it. My husband knows I love him and respect him. He also doesnt spend as much time with our three children as I do – I can see danger or a disaster coming before him and I dont care if someone is staring at me in public because I screamed at my husband to hurry up and grab one of my children who may be running into the street. I am a stay at home mom who at one time had a 3 yr old, a 1 1/2 yr old, and a new born. By time my husband came home I was emotionally as well as physically drained – covered in whatever. I dont care what anyone says – there is a difference between watching children and RAISING children. We are raising children – PEOPLE for goodness sake – keep up the good work. My husband and I enjoy watching you and Jon be real with each other – we laugh when you guys remind us of ourselves. No offense to Jon but he has been cranky too but as usual they always pick on the woman – I wouldnt watch if you guys were fake and mushy w/ each other. Just try and relax a little bit more when it comes to the cleaning and stuff – I used to be the same way. I spent every second making sure everything was perfect – scrubbing, organizing etc. I do understand i have 3 and you have 8 but one day I said you know what? I am going to play with and enjoy my kids. The house will be a mess again tomorrow for me to clean. Let them be kids. It goes by SOOO FAST!!!! They are now 10, 8 1/2 and 6 1/2. My house is still a mess….Oh and as for the fans that want to meet you guys and stuff – no wonder you have those signs – thats really creepy.

  • To the peeps with the negitive attitudes towards Jon and Kate you need to back off.Seems to me you are a bit jealous and have way to much time on your hands.Who are you? Are you perfect?You only see a small bit of this families life.I think they are amazing parents and do the best they can with what God has given them.Why don’t you trash stars like Tom and Katie Curise/holmes their 2 year old Suri is still on a bottle!Anyway you get the picture.God bless them and shame on you negitive people.

  • Looks like the sponsors will be pulling out from the show this year. YEAH!!! Google “aunt jodi’s sister’s blog” You will see Aunt Jodi on there verifying everything in the National Enquirer and what her sister has said all along about Jon and Kate. How they Kate, got mad at Oprah for not giving them more stuff. Kate also got irritated at Ellen.. Cmon. Making fun of Pennsylvania in one of their episodes is ridiculous considering the good people of pa paid for their babies with their taxes. Jon didn’t work. Please go to the site….

  • Bobbi Ahn,

    I’m not jealous, I’m ashamed to be part of the human race with them. How can I be jealous of someone who has cameras in their faces 24/7? I love reading a good book alone and enjoying my privacy(no amount of $$$ will keep me from that). Especially after a busy day at work. Which “real” people do in the “real world” not like on ‘REALlity tv”. Wonder if J and K even remember what going to work is like? Now I do talk about Tom and Katie too…but let’s face Jon and Kate put themselves in the same as them. Anyone see the new US weekly with a J and K paparazzi pic? There you go. And they love every second of it. More exposure = more free = stuff they can later resale. As for seeing a “small bit” J and K have admitted to have cameras there 365 days a year. And TLC isn’t a trashy channel and would try to make this family out to be a loving family as they do with the Duggars and Roloffs…but J and K bickering is the best they can come up with? Makes me wonder what they are editing out.

  • Um, Scribbles, you need to do a bit more research. Aunt Jodi’s sisters blog contains a video of Aunt Jodi verifying what her sister wrote, NOT the nat’l enquirer article. I also believe that anyone who spends their time complaining about not being paid, etc. is just as guilty as all of those who are. I mean, how is it that it’s okay for Jodi to get paid. These hate sites try to disguise themselves as pro-children sites who are against exploitation, yet they complain that Jodi should get paid AND they complain that there is too much storyline about J & K. HELLO????? You can’t have it both ways haters! Grow up and find another hobby!

  • I also live in the same development as Jon and Kate. Kate has always been miserable. Yes, she lied about not having any help. She has MANY volunteers that tend to the children. You do not see that on the show. I also have to agree with the above poster. You will NEVER see Kate interact with the children ( other than on the t.v. program), it is always the care givers who are running about and tending to those children. The signs around their home is also true.
    Jon used to be very friendly. They are able to afford the home they are in and their life style because the show paid off their mortgage as well as purchased their van they drive.

  • I love John and Kate plus Eight despite whatever Shelly and to Scribbles say.Your just jealous because they are better people than you’ll ever be. I admire Kate and Jon for staying married and staying true to each other.You take Jon and Kate plus eight off the air and you lose millions of veiwers.You think people are only watching it for the kids NO maybe some people are having trouble with their marriage and want to know how John and Kate do it with all those kids.Others watch it for advise and ammusement.So shut it Scribbles.

  • Again SHUT IT to scribbles John and Kate plus Eight is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!Sure Kate and Jon have help but you need it when you have eight children. Huh..I’d like to see you try. So if your reading this message and your the producers of Jon and Kate plus eight WEll… KEEP IT ON AIR. I’ve been to IPOP (international presentation of permformers) in Los Angelos Hollander and Hertzburg Productions are my agencies along with JRP St. Louis so you shut it down and someone else it going to pick it up. PLEASE KEEP IT ON AIR!!!!!

  • I’m 10 years old and Your show Rocks everytime I see Madie and Cara I think of my family. Wow I wonder how they do it! Your family is precious! I admire kate man that must of meant major stretch marks. LUV THE SHOW!

  • Jon and Kate: I have been watching your show for the past year and I find it very entertaining. I hope that you can tolerate doing the show for several years, so we can all watch the children grow up. You both are doing a superb job, despite what the negative people say. You can’t please everyone all the time. Who cares about them. I love that you are doing your yearly family traditions. As most people would realize, its hard taking care of 2 or 3 kids alone. I can’t imagine taking care of 8 alone! I am glad you have help. It was brave of you to do this show, but I think it will give young parents insight for whats in store for them. You just keep doing what you do!!!!

  • As a mother of 5 ranging from 17 to 9 months, I would gladly change places with Kate. I saw an episode where she said she had to have her laundry done by Tuesday so one volunteer could fold on Wednesday and another could put all the clothes away on Thursday. I keep looking, but no one around here is doing that for this full-time working mother.

    Good for Jon and Kate for taking advantage of reality TV and claiming their 15 minutes of fame, but whenever they want to experience what it’s like to be a parent of a large family WITHOUT help, they can come on over. My family doesn’t get VIP treatment everywhere we go because of our size. We don’t get private tours of the zoo or a ride pass at Disney. We don’t have daycare who comes on vacation with us. Get off the pedestal about how hard it is and how much work it is for you. They don’t have a clue how much work raising a family can be!

  • There so amazing to me those babys couldnt have asked for better parents.I have three kids and thats stressful i couldnt imagne eight of them.I wish them the best in all they do.

  • Wow…I can’t believe how there are so many people on this website who are so quick to judge Jon and Kate! Especially the neighbors! I am sorry, but the neighbors keep saying how unfriendly Kate, well if thats the case and you havn’t spoken to her, how are you so quick to judge! You sure have her all figured out don’t you?? Kate says on her show all the time that she is so grateful for her “helpers”, so all this non-sense about her claiming to do everything on her own is definitely exaggerated! I know I am guilty of snapping at my hubby, and he does the same, especially when we get overwhelmed and stressed about our daily lives, so why do you think Kate should be any different? She obviously loves her husband and family, and if you watched the episode showing Jon and Kate before they had children, you would notice that Jon and Kate have teo totally different personalities, Jon has always been much more quiet than Kate, and I think that sometimes people interpret that as her always “nagging”. Jon knew what he was getting into, he does not seem like a “dumb” guy, and how do you think he would feel about all you bashing his wife like that? Come on guys, stop being so judgemental and start understanding this is “reality” not the Brady Bunch.

  • Im just like everyone else by saying WE LOVE YOUR SHOW! I have 3 of my own and then I got 3 of my sisters. I have had them for 6 months now and am in the prosess of adopting them and YES, it is very hard! At first it was. But now, it’s like , if I’m missing one something don’t feel right. My husband helps me out a lot by working 2 jobs and feeding the baby at night. The baby is 6months, my neice at 4yrs, my baby at 5yrs, my middle one at 6yrs, my older neice at 8yrs, and my oldest son at 9yrs old. I just want to know….. what is a good medicine for your headache? LOL!

  • Get a LIFE PEOPLE!!!!If you dont like watching the show turn it off. This is their life and we are just spectators if we choose. They are a beautiful family and are lucky to have two parents that love and care about them. If only every child in the world had someone, we would live in a better place. Quit being HATERS!

  • I cannot believe there are people who are supposedly “really raising” a family who have the time to make snide remarks that are not based on factual information whatsoever. To everyone esle, it is not worth your time to stand up to these people, just bypass the negative comments and focus on the posotive. My mother always says the glass is half-full. Now she is an amazing parent and a good woman. She reminds me so much of Kate, who obviously cares about her family. To Jon and Kate: I do not know your family and am not going to pretend I do either. The way your children interact with you on the show CLEARLY supports the fact that they love you both very much and you love them. Although I’m sure much of your life occurs outside of the show, as you have said cameras are there only three days a week, it is educational and provides excellent substance for both children and parents. I believe, that this is, afterall, what this show is meant to do. The amount of love is obvious and I believe you do an awesome job as parents. The best part of your series is that you DON’T sugarcoat everything. Thank you so much.

    One word to Jon and Kate’s neighbors: Why would they want to be cordial towards you if this is how you treat them behind their backs? I wouldn’t, and the majority of America wouldn’t either.

  • For all of those defending a “reality show”, you need a step back and think about who you are defending. Do you know these people on a personal level (neighbor, coworker or relative) or it because it’s good entertainment? If it’s because of entertainment then i’ll try to get John & Kate to do a commercial to sell you something (since you like to blindly defend someone you have absolutely no connection socially or professionally with.) The next time someone has an opinion other than yours just think how your opinion would like to be treated (Either respected or shot down in flames).

  • I have been watching this show for a while and as time goes by there has not only been transformations in their appearances which hey, she looks way better but if you watch her back at first she did not act so high and mighty. I think and I say think because all of us are only stating opinions except for the neighbors I guess but I think Kate is one of those who in every aspect of life has to be the center of attention. I have had to turn it off also because of the way she acts sometimes in the chair, just the comments and I know couples like them and Jon knows if he dared to disagree with her in front of millions, he would reep the wrath of Kate afterwards. A lot of women think it is cool to speak like Kate, use her tone and pretend like they wear the pants in the family, whether they do or not I feel is so demeaning to their husbands who they say they love. Yes we have heard them all say they act like that with each other or make excuses about how they treat them and this of course goes both ways. Some men are demeaning to their wives like she is to Jon but anyway it is so , well I know they go to church and I think they are Christians and she needs to read how wives should treat their husbands. You know it’s not just with him, she just seems to know everything. She should write a book “The Gospel According to Kate” or “How I Know Everything about Raising Multiples when I Only did it Part time”. Okay, that was tacky but it could be a sucessful show but people don’t like the attitude. I love my husband dearly but help I have never gotten. She should be thankful for him. He is a big help when he is home and also provides so she doesn’t have to. He aught to tell her to go to work and he’ll stay home and then when she gets home tell her he wants her to ask him what he needs every night. LOL. I need to stop.

  • Jon and Kate,
    God Bless You and your family. Everytime we expose ourselves to others we are unfortunately judged by people who apparently hate themselves. These are people who look for any opportunity to vent anger that has nothing to do with your family. I love watching your show. Please continue it. Kate, I absoultely adore you!! I think you’re so beautiful. I think you look even better now than you did before the kids were born. Please overlook the demonic comments on this site and focus on the encouragement and praise coming from God. God loves you regardless of what others may think or feel.When people attack you, thats a sign you’re doing a GREAT job!!!


  • I TOO believe that these people are being given everything! Every time i watch this show they are spending money like it is growing on trees! the rest of the world has to penny pinch and save, but they are obviously given money to buy anything and everything that they want. In the past 3 years how many homes have they gone thru? Everytime you turn around and watch the show they are moving! Where in the WORLD are they getting the money for everything they buy? It is truly unreal. There are SOOOOOO many other families out there that have had multiple births and are NOT given anything. These people are frauds! They chose to do Invitro and now we all have to give them everything. Why on earth does it seem like wherever they go they are the only ones there, like they made the place (business or company) close down to the public and ONLY wait on them! outrageous! And i just read the blog about how they are mean and not personable. They have a sign outside their house that says ‘do not stop to talk to us’! Who do they think they are? I know one thing, this show will not last long. The money they are given to buy buy buy WILL run out! good luck then! Tootles!

  • I love, love love the show. I don’t have children of my own but I’ve always wanted them. The show fills such a void in my life. I love watching the children grow. It’s amazing that you have shared this with all the viewers. I tape every show and watch them over and over. If your kids ever need an Auntie Joy please get in touch. I already feel I know them.

  • As i was going down all the other comments and i was reading some of them. I cant believe how many people judge them. they have 8 kids,8 i mean yeah she gets help but you try and handel 6 3 or 4 years at once by your self, plus doing wash, cooking, and cleaning up after everyone. and then the twins come home and u have to help them with home work on top of all that thats crazy.


  • I have watched jon & kate plus eight and love them all.
    It’s going to be very interesting to see how all those
    kids will be doing when they grow up. I think jon & kate
    will learn alot from all of them. Love the show!!

  • i love you and your kids. someday i wish to meet you.i watch every show. im 11 and i live very far away from you but someday i hope my dream to meet you comes true.

  • Its a wonderful family.I love the way Jon and Kate carry out themselves.Iam 20yrs and its my hope that ill meet the family someday.

  • You people are so sad…….. I LOVE jon and kate plus 8. I think its a GREAT show. I don’t think this family sought out to be on T.V. I think you guys are JEALOUS of their fame and money. I have a problem close to PCOS. I was able to have surgery and get pregnate. So I have 2 children and NO multiples. I can’t even begin to think of what my life would be like with 8 kids. And I could NEVER choose to reduce a pregnacy. How in the world do you single out a couple of your OWN children to KILL. And as far as Kate….. How would you handle 8 kids ???? Would you need help??? (yes) Would you loose your temper from time to time??? (I bet so ) Are things always going to be perfect, peachy and bright. (UH NO !!!!!) Is their a possibility harsh words my be said in the heat of stress.??(yep)WouldI give my 3 year olds GUM. (NO NO NO ) I can understand the whole stain removal thing. With 8 kids saving money is also about saving clothes. It’s all part of it. It’s called being normal. maybe the rest of you aren’t.

  • I don’t know how they do it, eight kids! I have five but they are spread out (3 are steps of mine that we have custody of) and I have days where I think I am going to go insane. But EIGHT? Eight with six of them the same age?

    I love their show, though, because I get so many ideas on how to save money with our relatively large klan. Great show!

    Celebrate Babies!

  • Just once I would like to see someone correct that spoiled Mady like they do the the little kids KAte stop making up excuses for her and face it you have a little monster on your hands that needs disiplined BAD!

  • I think the Gosselins are brave. As another way to support their kids, they put our curiosity at ease as we wonder how the heck they do it! Yes, Kate is a organized control freak. Tell me this, could you imagine running a household of 10 people without organization??? I have a hard time keeping the house clean with my 2! Jon and Kate fight. Yeah and so what! When your in a relationship and you say “We never fight we talk things out never in front of the children” your lying! Everyone fights, and if you go to your room to “talk it out” everytime when your spouse ticks you off, well God bless you, but not everyone is perfect, and considering Kate’s children talk amazing for 4 year olds, are well fed, not picky eaters, potty trained, polite, I think they are doing a great job. If you dont like the show its simple, DONT WATCH IT! They love their children and their children love them. Thats what counts

  • I was always a huge fan of the show and my three year old loves to watch it with me but I have decided that we can no longer watch it because my daughter soaks in EVERYTHING and I don’t want her learning that it’s ok to treat her husband that way someday. I feel bad for Kate because I don’t think she even hears herself when she talks to her husband like he’s one of the children.

  • Chelle, I agree with you, Kate treats her husband very rudely. I can’t stand to watch the show anymore. I would give her a couple of backhands if I were Jon.



  • you are a horrible person that i know from other internet boards. you are as blind as a bat and cruel to anyone who disagrees with you. i guess that is why you love kate so much! i hope that you have no husband, since you mirror kates bad behavior. people are entitled to their opinions whether they are good or bad. say your piece and move on!

  • to everyone who loves the show and says things such as,”i don’t know how they do it! 8 kids and having so much patience?! it’s amazing!”, i’m sure you also believe every celebrity is as nice as they are in the movies, too. because that’s what j&k are…celebrities. just because it says “reality” and it’s on a “family” network like tlc does not make it true. they spank their kids (they have admitted this), they get free clothing, even though kate says things like,”it’s expensive to keep clothes on 8 kids,” and these free trips and “gifts” that just “appear to them” are actually asked for by the producers or j&k themselves (if you don’t believe me, think about this…if this hawaii trip suddenly appeared out of nowhere, how did the dress place know of it to offer her a free wedding dress? could it be that the shop was contacted well in advance?). also, those who say,”you try raising 8 young kids!” many people have. my uncle is one of 10 kids and his parents (through hard work and REAL patience) were able to raise them, put them through school and also do it with Christian values. my mother was one of 13. my friend is one of 9. and, all of these families did it without the help of free gifts, free trips, and free plastic surgeries.

  • Kate is a treacherous, egotist. She has pimped her kids, all for her own glory. The show is about highlighting HER and her alone. She has given each child a label for ratings. She is a mean spirited malformed child who only has room to love one person….herself. The little ones will need a lot of therapy as they get older. Sadly, Kate would never see a therapist, because she is (in her sicko mind) The Almighty and knows everything.

  • Jon and Kate, I do like your show,but there are to many reruns. You do seem to have an attitude,and I do think you treat Jon like he is your child instead of your husband. Do you ever worry that Jon might not take it anymore?.Things do happen in a marriage. Jon seems to be a great guy,and a great dad.I would hate in the future to hear your family has split. I think your kids are cute. But Mady needs a serious talking to about her behavior. I will continue to watch the show for now. Kate don’t forget who you are. (Before television)I do see you changing in your attitude. Please don’t do that!!!

  • Well, you sound busy. Life must be pretty hard with someone at your house to fold your laundry, iron it, put is away, and oh yes, cook those organic meals. I too am a stay at home mom, but I really do all of those things! I stay home with my kids!

  • Well all of those people who really dont care about the show. Should not be saying anything. Kate you do a wonderful job with the kids and i give you so much credit. Also Jon is very calm cool and collected about everything that happpens which balances the both of you out. I have to say that Aaden and Hannah are my favorute. I love the show and praise you guys so much for doing it.

  • I used to watch this show all the time. Then someone told me they read an article where Kate states “it is sociaties responsibility to take care of her kids”

    Can someone deny or confirm this please?


  • For heavens sake get off Jon and Kate. Kate is a bit obsessive about everything but does try. They obviously love those kids and miss them even when gone for a few hours. The show is on and will continue to be on (I hope) because the public loves the family and watches it. It must be extra stressful to have cameras and lights in your house even three days a week. Can’t make for peace and harmony always.

  • Kate – greedy and selfish
    Jon – emasculated by Kate
    Mady – needs an attitude adjustment (needs manners)
    Cara – nice most of the time (needs manners)
    three boys and three girls – need to be taught manners
    It is a shame to let eight children see their mother not working – their father not working…..
    Do they all realize they are living off the six kids?
    Exploitation is a terrible thing.

  • For those complaining that Kate has household help raisng 8 children, try to remember that those 8 children came over a period of 3 years. I am from a famliy of seven, but that was over a period of sixteen years. Kate doesn’t have teenagers to help with the younger ones, she has all young ones. After all even Cara and Mady are only eight.
    As for the way Kate treats Jon, I don’t hear Jon complaining. Oh wait a minute, yes I do. Jon knows how to handle Kate and how to speak up for himself. If you have been watching the show you will have noticed two things; one, Jon can give as good as he gets when he wants to and two, in the newer episodes Kate has shown that she is aware of how she sometimes treats Jon and she is working on her attitude so give her a break.
    Is any one child more challenginig the next? Absolutely! Is Mady the biggest challenge for Jon and Kate? Yes! Do they know that? Yes. Kate has even admitted on air that she didn’t realize all that Mady was doing until she saw footage of her behavior. Are your or my chilren perfect? No, but do we always see everything wrong they are doing? Of cousrse not. Now put yourself in Kate’s shoes. If she were running a day care she would have to have at least two other adults, by law, working with her. She is a mother doing the best she can with the eyes and ears she has been given. In thier most recent episode Kate even spoke about how Mady has to learn that her behavior is going to cause her to miss out on things until she learn hows to behave and get along better with others.
    I hope Jon & Kate Plus Eight will be on for along time, but I imagine that if all people want to do is criticize them, then we probably won’t be seeing them much longer.
    One last thing if Jon & Kate are pimping thier chilren, then so be it. All I see are two people trying to do the best they can to providde for thier family now and in the future. As for me I look forward to watching the Gosselin family grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

  • i HATE reality TV but somehow….I got hooked on yours! i love your show and how adorable your children are. I don’t have any children of my own yet but gOSH, you two make it look so mUCh easier than it probably really is. i myself grew up in a large family and the only concern is that over time, some kids do tend to get left out more often than others. however, that idea of the a special day for each child was awesome! keep up the gREAT work!

  • I love to watch the show. Yeah I think Kate is a little hard on Jon but geez, we don’t know or see everything. I think they are doing an awesome job in everything. It must be hard to have camera’s on them all the time, no wonder they don’t want people outside taking pictures or starring. They need to be careful in strangers and people who apparently live in the neigborhood who don’t have anything better to do then to complaine, because Kate didn’t waive. The best thing to do is watch them on T.V. and leave them a lone.

  • I love your show, and I think it’s wonderful that you were determined to “take what God gave you”, and never terminate any of your babies when you found out you were having 6 at one time. God listens. My question, working in the medical field,and regarding the flu, are the kids allergic to eggs? If not, why don’t you get flu shots every year? I can only imagine what it is like, with all those children having the flu. Unless there is a medical reason not too, flu shots are great,and they work!

  • The Hawaii trip aired on a Monday night. Two nights later, it was a re-run. The show was so boring I couldn’t watch it the first time.
    Kate is much too selfish and dictatorial for my taste. If they are going to exploit their children for a living, she should at least explain to them where all the perks and freebies are coming from and let them be a little more appreciative in their acceptance.
    The Gosselin Mission Report was such a farce that it was laughable. They go to a church where “no one bothers them”. I go to church to worship a living God and to have fellowship with my church family who are always there when I need support.
    Here, we see eight children who know that their mother does not work – their father does not work. The apple does not fall far from the tree. How can they possibly grow up to be good, productive citizens after this environment? No TV producer would be interested in their individual lives – should the welfare department be getting ready for them? It will take a lot to keep them in their expected lifestyle.
    I haven’t seen too many of the shows. I am not interested in whining, crying, sniveling children. If I had young children, I would not allow them to watch the show because it would be a bad influence on them.
    I cannot understand why children over three years old would still be allowed to “poop in their unnerwear”. I have seen enough pee, poop, and puke (in their own words) to last a life time. If it wasn’t for all the freebies, they wouldn’t have a pot to pee in- much less six of them. They are selfish, greedy, and absolutely never satisfied with the amount of free “stuff” given them. Mady can be having one of her ugly fits and let someone hand her a gift – watch that smile come through. She is a carbon copy of Kate. Her behavior is already having an influence on the younger children. They are throwing fits, too. This is so sad.
    Someone, in a blog, mentioned their immaculate house. Take a look at a re-run of the Valentine Day show. Hunting clues for a “big surprise” took the children all over the house. The beds were unmade, mattress on the floor for a child to sleep on, clothing on tops of chests, in the floor, etc., toys scattered all over. One room was entirely dedicated to toys – so was the basement. The furniture looked like it was just taken to the door, shoved in, and allowed to sit where it hit. The children finally found the big gift box under the table and fell upon it like a bunch of starving hyenas.
    Kate and Jon are looking at property and hinting for a new, bigger house. If they cleaned up the one they have and arranged their furniture to look like a real home,
    they would have more than enough room. The kitchen was the only room in the house that looked “homey”.
    I agree with Jon – he is “treated like a freaking dog”.
    I don’t feel sorry for him because he should stand up like a man and take up for himself. What sort of example is he setting for his children? Will they think all men should be wimps? On a night out at a restaurant with the children and a friend’s family, Jon had too much wine, got stoned, and actd so silly – is this a good example for his Mission Report pledge?
    Kate was so evasive about her family and why they are not a part of their lives. I am just now getting acquainted with the blogs and may have missed someone’s explanation. I thought perhaps she was Amish. The Amish are kind, compassionate productive people and would not want members of their family exploited.
    TLC, please give us programs that are not boring. I had rather watch re-runs of I Love Lucy – same old format every show – Lucy gets into trouble – Lucy squeaks out.
    Kate, Kate & Kate is in the same old rut. At least half of the show is taken up by Kate mostly making excuses for everyone’s behavior except hers. Enough is enough. Give us something worthwhile – cooking shows, sewing shows, decorating hints. We have households to run, our time is valuable, and any type learning presentation would be so appreciated.

  • Well…Jon and Kate are from my town .. His mother sold us our first house…A VERY nice lady..She then helped us again with the sale of our second home….Jon and Kate lived in a modest house and after all of the babies were born, they asked their neighbors not to park in front of their own houses so that the helpers would have a place to park…I thought that was kinda rude…They chose to have these babies…I feel that it is on them…no one else..and no one else should have to change to accomidate them..unless they choose to….They never thanked some of the local help that came their way..whom helped them with their house…and then they just turned around and sold it….They felt it was owed to them..She is controlling and somehow feels special because she had fertility treatment that ended up in muliples…They has received countless freebies…tummy tucks??? come on…how is that important?? I found out recently that the kids will be getting free orthodontic treatment from the same practice where I take my kids…and who pays for that? I DO !!! that sucks….they should work like the rest of us…and pay their way like the rest of us…

  • Hi my name is Idalis I am 8 years old I know all of your kids names cara, mady, ,leah,hannah,aaden,joel,collin,alexis. I think your family is great.How old are your kids now?

  • I just wanted to say that i love your show I love the kids they’re great entertainment & they’re beutifull & I have a 3.5 yr old son who also loves to watch your show every monday night, he calls it the kids show lol. we look forward to it. I’ve read alot of the comments and I think it’s really sad that people who don’t even know you are passing such bad judgment from negative rumors or whatever they’re haters Please ignore the ignorent peoples comments they obviously don’t have anything better to do with there lives. You both do a wonderfull job at raising your family and it’s very apparent that you both love your children very much and they love you too. keep it up.

  • Jon and Kate make me sick. They use their children to profit from and now Jon has quit his job to stay at home and take care of the kids. Interesting, I wonder where they get their money? They are writing books about their life, I hope it lasts because as the kids get older they won’t be very cute anymore and no one will care. Kate treats Jon like a piece of crap and talks to him like a dog. He acts like a sissy and can’t even be the man of the famil. What really made me sick was the fact they took a trip to Hawaii to renew their wedding vows, just another excuse for a FREEE trip as far as I am concerned. I have stopped watching the show because it has gone from one extreme to another. Lets see how much more FREE, FREE, FREE stuff they can get!

  • Jon and Kate –
    I am a mother of 15 month old twins and it is the hardest job by far that I have ever had. I love my life and I love my family more than anything in this world. I get that same genuine feeling from the both of you. I am so very sorry that you have to read such negative comments from viewers. I believe that these negative feelings are jealousy and that is just so sad. We all have so many blessings in our lifes and we all choose to live our lives how we see best. That is what is so wonderful about the country we live in. I think you both are excellent parents and have amazing outlooks of life. Your children are just beautiful and I love watching them grow up. Please continue to do what you do and remember how many people out there think you are amazing!

  • My daughter Kelley is 24 and happens to have Down Syndrome. She is fascinated with your family and addicted to your show. She “knows” all of the members. Funny but she feels also connected to St Jude’s Hospital and their work. Kelley is very capable, has excellent speech and is funny. She works at the local supermarket and volunteers once a week at the local rec center daycare. She loves little kids. She is one of 6 children and has a niece and nephew. I recently ordered her the DVD season and 1 and 2 but don’t think it will get here on time for Christmas. She would love to meet this family. Wish they would accept visitors, make for a good show, don’t you think. We live in Massachusetts. Any ideas?

  • hi,
    i do love the show jon and kate plus 8. my favorites of the children are cara, hannah, alexis, and joel, they seem to be the nicest of all of the kids. i can sometimes agree that kate is a bit controlling,but she has to be because there are so many of the kids. jon is a very good father. i think he always does the best he can do for his kids. i don’t agree with some of the things you crazy people are saying because i understand why they would want help around the house on hectic days i would like to see someone confront one of them about the way you think they act and i can garentee that they will fighht you right back because they are the good parents. its very unfair the way people are these days all they want to do is pick out the wrongs and never pick out the rights. the facts are jon and kate are great parents some may not believe so but this is an opinionated site i think and know they are great parents and thats that.

  • Sarah,
    I read your post about “the truth” about Jon and Kate and their family. I respect your ability to write whatever you want, but when it comes down to it… get a life. Is it really your mission in life to bash this family? What good does it do for you besides making you look like a horrible person? Leave them alone, they have inspired a ton of parents out there and have 8 beautiful children. I wouldnt expect them to not have help, they have loving people in their lives that are more than willing to help out. Until you live a day in their shoes, back off.
    You claim people should start helping those in need instead of watching Jon and Kate, maybe you should listen to your own words and spend less time trying to publicly humiliate this family.

  • Wow! 1.2 mil for a new house?? Gosselins are great scammers! Poor-mouthing to get freebies and donations, not to mention, pimping out the kids, yet they just bought a 1.2 million dollar home on heffner road in wernersville!

  • I’ve read a lot of complaints from people about how much $$ Jon & Kate are raking in. How many of you would scream in protest, “No, No, No, take it away! Evil lucre! Do NOT force me to take that money! You hateful, hateful people!!!”

    Not me. I’d say thanks very much, pay the bills, buy a house, put some aside and then give as much to charity as I could manage, which I THINK is exactly what Jon and Kate have done. They’re not my favorite people in the world (well Jon is – I’d trade my husband for Jon about any day in the week) but they certainly have done nothing wrong in accepting payment for their efforts. Refusing it would be wrong and weird and NOBODY, not even all the naysayers, would do that.

  • P.S. Where are all the people complaining about people like Ken Griffey and Alex Rodriguez being paid 27 million or more to play a game? Is that somehow benefiting children with cancer or people in the Third World needing some help with contraception? Too many mouths to feed yet no one tells these people to stop procreating, that they can’t afford to feed all those poor babies who didn’t ask to be born poor. Okay, I’ve got my two pet peeves (overpaid sports stars and the inability of the world to make an effort to stop overpopulation (except here – here if you’re a welfare mom people tell you to cross your legs. Ever hear the one about aspirin being the best form of contraception? Yeah, I heard some sanctimonious old fart tell women to hold the aspirin between their knees. Nothing about telling the men to use the hold the aspirin with their privates. It’s all on the women of course. (another pet peeve off my chest) Okay I’m done.

  • i absolutly love the show its the best show on tlc the kids are the cutest!!!! i hope you never ever stop the show i have one question though are mady and cara still in the same school scence you guys moved

  • Jon, Kate, Cara & Mady do NOT make the show, it is the little ones.
    Having different friends and family join the show added interest to the show. Kate according to her, her words, fell down once so she will NOT skate, roller or ice, does NOT like water sports, can barely swim, hates camping, does NOT like hiking, is afraid of heights, refused to hike with twins in Calif., No winter sports,
    No summer sports, except sun burning, can barely ride a bike,
    now why is she so interesting?
    Compensation for time on show is NOT living off your family Kate. It is compensation for being interesting.
    Now we are stuck with just you putting Jon dowwn.
    (example)You said Jon looked like an elphant when riding a pony. Most wives would have said, “look isn’t Daddy cute.”

  • Hi Jon & Kate,

    Jsut wanted you to know I have enjoyed your show and have enjoyed watching the kids grow up. I know this must be very tiring for the both of you,having to live in front of a camera. Maybe you guys just need a break and come back when the kids are a little older. I am sure you and Jon could use a break. You guys are great and doing one great job raising the kids. Keep it up. You do need to focus on one another a little. Go back to when you met and re-kindle the feelings. They are still there and just need to be brought to the surface. I will keep you both in my prayers. Keep the faith you two and God will do the rest. Love ya A faithful fan

  • I love your show! I found it while in the hospital after having knee replacements. It really help me with depression! My husband is from Trinidad, we use to fight over they way I spoke, because he was raised to speak the Quens English. We love each other enough to totally drop the issue, that’s what makes of us each speacial. Jon remines me of myself, I love the way he expresses his self! Kate please let Jon speak, what normal for him. He truly cracks me up, Mr. Down To Earth! Love Janis

  • I use to love the show, but now Kate acts so rediculious by treating Jon like he’s one of the children. She dosen’t want him to voice his opinion or say anything. I think Kate needs some serious parenting skills and she needs to go to a marriage councelor before she loses Jon. She would have a hard time finding another husband since everyone knows how rediculiously mean and controling she can be. The kids are getting way out of control. Get a grip on it now or pay for it later. The kids act so awlful, I don’t like watching the show anymore.

  • Hi iv been watching your programme in England and i love your S.O.H and how you cope with things i CANNOT believe the negativity in some of the comments made on here, i feel these people are just jealous and its AS IF they wouldnt do the same as you if given the chance, i darn well would,you have a large family to think of and for many years to come so why not? if things are offered GRAB Them WITH BOTH HANDS lol good luck i wish you well.

  • I think Kate it is an AMAZING MOTHER! She is my inspiration! Jon “PLEASE” hang in there! You are doing a fantastic job but you will never do it good enough for Kate because that is just the way Kate is. (no offence Kate God Bless You I love you 🙂

    AND I just have to say I can’t BELIVE Jodi and Jon’s brother spoke on camra about you and Jon having marriage problems. How dare they “comment and speak for you.” If I were Jon I would be pissed that my brother talked so bad about my wife!!!!!!!!

  • I am so disgusted by what I am reading. Everyone giving advice on how Jon and Kate should live their lives, ridiculing Kate, pointing out every little mistake that believe Jon and Kate have made–it’s just disgusting. This is horrible. If the people that have poasted had lives that were any better they wouldn’t be sitting on here picking apart Jon and Kate’s. JUST WATCH THE SHOW AND ENJOY IT. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it, it’s really simple. As for them receiving money and people’s rants about them not deserving it…not one of those people would reject that money if it were given to them, but because its not their jealousy says it’s so wrong. These are parents just trying to do the best they can and are doing a great job, probably a better job then most of the people that posted above could. The children are very well taken care of and this should be the most important thing. About everything else, just live your own life and worry about your own children. I’m appalled. Just don’t judge others, my god.

  • I just want to say how much I love this show but more importantly, this family. My husband and I tune in each week. Your show is real and true. It’s one of the few wholesome shows that we enjoy watching. Our son is just three and sleeping went it’s on, but our thoughts always come back to him. As a family, these are some of the things that we have to look forward to. It just isn’t infront of a TV camera. If Jon and Kate were in front of me I would say this,take time to look back. You’ve come a long way. Love and cheerish each other and your family. And of course, have faith. Your fans will always outweigh the naysayers. I think that in general people are hurting. It makes them feel better about themselves to see someone else hurt. It’s human nature. Unfortunately, some will make money from this kind of air. Thank you two for sharing your lives with us. God Bless you and your family. ps I hope that you get to read this. Take care.

  • This is a reality show not real life they are greedy people looking for more and more and more and more hand outs and to see what else they can get for free.
    from a house to cars and choppers to scooters that they do not pay for to free clothes and food.

    this woman is not a queen she is a moron looking for fame because she is worried that she is going to land up in the trailer park.

    at least the masche family they work they have 6 babies and they have jobs , this woman kate she takes control like a bull dog i persoanlly think a good a** whooping is nessary or a good punch in the face works.

    she claims she is wtitting books that is a laugh because i hear from the other bloggers on the net this woman can not write and doesn’t know a a** and a hole in the ground. All that is going to come down to it once the show goes under and family needs money this woman will either get her own talk show that will feed into her idea of being a super mom (( blahh ))
    or sell photos of her kids that will scare them for the rest of their lives.

    from yelling to being a pushy mean bully to a wanna be famous person this woman surely takes the cake.

    at least the masche family is not like that the wife and husband don’t call each other names and give what kate calls love slaps they hold hands bryan and jenn masche they kiss not like the J&k the fakes.

    jenn is cute and very attractive you don’t see her cheating on her husband on a slimy teacher like jon did to kate , and you don’t hear about contracts saying the marriage is a fake to move on but oh still do the show or else.

    the lives and days of people on reality shows are not real people some of it is made up and the truth is sitting in front of our faces with J&k.

    i rather see the couple from arizona raising their 6 babies, the masche family involves all their family not exclueds them.

    we know that they have parents on either side and we all know they have aunts and uncles and sisters and bbrothers and friends that help them and they don’t look like greedy people like j&k they look like they will share the spot light and give then be greedy.

    greediness takes people no where that is one or two of the seven signs of the devils work, vain and greed! go figure people who think they are bbetter really are not!!

    laid back people is the best people not wanna be rich snobs thinking they are more then they are.
    big dreams and no idea leaves into nothingness and that is what j&k is nothing but a fake for god sake!!!

    the masche family are better looking and they have a laid back lifestyle not puts a fake crying act on camra worried about messing up her eye liner the woman runs a marathon from crying out loud and works as a physican praticinar assitant. she works a ful time job and her husband.

    what does kate do nothing she thinks she is a book writter she is a wanna be i am sure she does not even know how to work a computer and even know the idea of writting a book a kind of woman who you meet at a elementry school you want to knock on her butt for being a rude and crude b****h.

    and also kate nasty to boot at least the masche family the wife is cute not like kate who looks like a bull dog ewww is all i have to say nice hair ((gag with a huge spoon )).

  • I Think for the sake of the innocent children this couple who made it this long, should think back and work it out together.It is for the best interest of this unity, Kate should get rid of her brother and sis-in-law , so that they do not support her to build up enemity her and her husband Jon. I have a feeling that her family is adding fuel to fire and making this rift
    wider. Think about it

  • Freedom of speech. Good or Bad people are still interested. And so the show must go on. If the show gives you High Blood pressure then don’t watch it.
    ” Life isn’t always about the Pillow ,but about the Floor we have to lay on.” God Bless this family. I’ll see you next week.

  • I love aaden colin joel hanna alexis leah cara and mady and i am your biggest fan i just turnd 11 and i have been watching since i was 10 i really think that you should continue with the show it is my favorite show. P.S im to far away to babysit i wish i could but i am in michigan. I am in 6th grade you are blessed

  • I always thought Kate treated Jon as he 9th child.She showed no respect for him on any of the shows I watched.I am glad he finally woke up and began his life over again,I truly hope he finds a woman that respects him and looks upon him as her equal.But please Jon always have time for your children they have never disrespected you and love you very much.

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