Out of Control Lawn Mower Blade Lands Inches From Baby

A freak lawn mower accident involving a fifteen month old child almost ended in tragedy. Another six inches higher and a rogue lawn mower blade would have taken the life of an unsuspecting fifteen month old child, who at the time, was sleeping in her room two houses away.

A county worker was routinely cutting weeds two doors down from the Keene home, when out of no where the blade on his weed eater came loose. The momentum of the blade carried it over the first two houses and through the exterior wall of the Keene home. The blade then went through two more interior walls before it ended up at the foot of the baby’s crib. Amazed mom Valerie said,

“It was a dangerous situation the Lord took control of. If anyone could see where it stopped, they would agree. There was sheet rock on the baby, my son had just bent over to pick something up when the blade few over him. If he was still standing up, it would have hit him in the head.”

The number of obstacles the blade missed to end up at the foot of the Keene’s daughter’s crib has Valerie convinced that some divine forced saved her daughter’s life that afternoon.

The maintenance company performing the landscaping is thoroughly investigating their current fleet of lawn equipment to ensure that this type of accident will not be repeated.

Pike County Judge-Executive Wayne T Rutherford commented,

“The incident is currently under investigation. We are consulting with the University of Kentucky Transportation Center, the manufacturer of the mower and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary to discuss safety issues. Thank god there were no injuries or death. We are taking every action necessary to see this never happens again while still keeping our rights-of-way clean.”

The Keene family has already contacted contractors in order to start repairs on their home. As for the incident investigations are currently being conducted. – Jeff, Staff Writer

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  • It is very important to teach kids the correct and safe methods that are used to operate machinery, like a mower. It is also a good idea for parents or older siblings to supervise the child during the first attempt at cutting the grass.

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