Parenting Magazine Lists Their Top 20 ‘Mom Tested’ Products

Every mom has their favorite baby products. The one thing that will turn a crying baby into a smiling baby or the one invention that literally cuts precious time from your routine.

Parenting Magazine looks back at the last 20 years of innovations and lists their top 20 products. I agree with some, while other leave me thinking REALLY?

Here is the list and my thoughts:

  1. Crayola Washable Markers (1987) – I like the idea of washable markers now that my son has discovered his creative side. I have a feeling I will appreciate this fab invention more in the new few years.
  2. Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor – Selling new moms on prepping their own baby food is easier when the gear they are using is efficient. While I have never used this food processor, I have heard many great things about it.
  3. Boppy Pillow (1990) – I never bonded with my Boppy. My son sag when he breastfed on it and he didn’t fit on it properly when he got bigger, causing me to give up and just use a regular pillow to breastfeed.
  4. Baby Trend Snap N Go (1994) – This stroller frame was definitely a great mom invention. Parents who travel with babies find this product a godsend because of its ability to act like a stroller without the bulkiness.
  5. Tiny Love 3-D Gymini Activity Gym (1993) – The Gymini is definitely a product that would go in my top 20. While the first models were not as fancy a current offerings. Newer Tiny Love Activity Gyms heavily promote tummy time, which is needed now that babies are on supposed to sleep on their backs.
  6. Playtex No-Spill Sippy Cup (1994) – Have one, my son loves it!
  7. Medela Pump In Style (1996) – The double electric breast pump will go in history as one of the best accessory for breast feeding moms. Both sides at the same time with have to manually do anything? Need I say any more?
  8. Shout Stain Remover Wipes (1996) – I have never used this product…
  9. Powdered Formula Dispenser (1997) – Great idea – not necessary. I used to just bring a tupperware container with an extra scooper in it.
  10. Swiffer Sweeper – Just a glorified sweeper to me. I drives me crazy that it doesn’t actually clean, it just picks up. With that being said, my husband swears by his Swiffer.
  11. Liquid Band-Aid – I have never tried it
  12. Portable DVD Player (2000) – Trips to Gramma house have not been the same since we got our portable DVD player. LOVE IT!!
  13. SkipHop DUO Diaper Bag (2003) – The introduction of a diaper bag that can be attached the stroller handle without tipping it was definitely a huge moment for moms on the go.
  14. Ergo Baby Carrier (2003) –
  15. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (2003) – Hmm…has Parenting magazine never read the e-mails?
  16. Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair (2005) – Great idea, I agree!
  17. Diaper Genie II (2006) – I will never be fond of the Diaper Genie whether it is first or second edition. Parents find the refills expensive causing them to abandon the whole system. If you have ever been to a baby consignment shop, you will see hundreds of these things lined up to be sold…
  18. Graco Digital Baby Monitor (2005) – I need this! I can’t tell you the number of times I ran upstairs thinking my son was crying, just to find out that the baby next door was unhappy.
  19. Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing (2005) – The power swing – a great invention.
  20. EasyShare V803 (2007) – Nicely priced digital cameras are definitely a great mom invention.

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