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Product Review: Diaper Goop

For the last few weeks we have been trying out Diaper Goop.

Developed by a pharmacist, Diaper Goop was created to help clear up diaper rashes, chaffing, sore irritated skin in all ages.

It contains Lanolin and other Natural Ingredients that not only help prevent diaper rash but also naturally and quickly assist in the healing of irritated skin.

We have been blessed with a little guy that rarely gets diaper rash. The crummy part is, that when one does develop, you need to act fast in order for it keep it under control.

I found that Diaper Goop not only helped keep his skin free of those dreaded red bumps, but it also made it very soft.

Seeing this made me think that it could work on my less than beautiful feet and I was right. I would smooth the Diaper Goop on my feet before I went to bed and then cover them with cotton socks.

I like that this ‘goop’ goes on nicely and is easily washed off my hands afterwards. Nothing is worse that a sticky, thick cream that attaches itself to your hands.

Another plus is that this product comes in a tub. This helps to reduce waste and makes the cream easier to get to. I can’t stand dealing with a tube and trying to make sure I get everything out of the bottom, as I try to hold down a two year old who is trying to flee the scene.

Please visit the official site for more information. Diaper Goop is $6.95 for a 2oz. jar

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