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Snacking Goes Green! 5 Options For Reusable Snack Bags

As moms we are constantly toting little baggies of snacks. Be it crackers, grapes, cheerios or carrot sticks for little fingers. Even in pregnancy I had a multitude of snacks with me at any given time. I couldn’t leave the house without a baggie of almonds. So why not ditch the plastic and carry the snacks in a reusable snack baggie?

Below are 5 funky options to stave off hunger while reducing the number of plastic baggies being thrown out. The features all have in common are that they are fabric made, generally with a waterproof or resistant layer, are washable and reusable.

Snacking Goes Green!  5 Options For Reusable Snack Bags

  1. ACME Bags Snack Bag and Stuff Sack – These stuff-sack style bags are made from 50% recycled post-consumer content (recycled plastic bottles and containers. Draw-string and barrel-lock closure. Made with fair wages/fair labor practices. Retails for $4.95
  2. Green Street (Etsy artisan) Snack Sack – Hand-made with 100% cotton in funky prints and lined with water-resistant nylon. Velcro closure. Gusseted bottom so that the baggie can stand on its own and remain open! Machine washable. Retails for $6.50
  3. Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened Snack Bags – FDA approved! The colorful bags are made from a variety of 100% cotton prints with a PVC-free waterproof lining. Lead-free zippered closure. Machine washable. Retails for $9.95
  4. Planet Wise Wet Bag – A colorful cotton outer hides a PVC-free waterproof lining. Lead-free locking zippered closure – it won’t open unless you unzip it. Smallest size retails for $9.50
  5. snackTAXI Snack Bag – These little bags are PVC free and sport a variety of funky prints. Flap closure with Velcro. Made in the USA. Retails for $6.95

Skip the plastic baggies next time your at the store, and stock up on a few reusable bags instead. Be green in your snacking!

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