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Stroll in Style With The Orbit G3 Stroller! {VIDEO}

The Orbit Baby stroller system has been known as the ‘stroller to the stars’ for many years.

Jessica Alba with baby Haven in NYC (pushing the Orbit Helix)

But its beautiful design also makes it popular among urban and suburban families. New for 2014 the company has re-designed the stroller to include many customizable features that I  think will be very popular with new parents.  In the past parents would purchase the stroller as a package, now you can customize everything from the color of the canopy to which shopping basket you would like.

Orbit Baby g3 canopy

A HUGE fan of the G2 I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new G3 and it didn’t disappoint.  Here is what we found:

Out of the box installation was quick, and only included popping on the wheels, canopy and shopping basket.  Everything snaps into place easily so parents don’t need to worry about tools.

From birth parents can choose to use the G3 with Orbit’s infant seat, bassinet or the stroller seat.  If you are planning to use this system with a newborn I highly recommend purchasing the infant seat and just using it on the stroller as a seat.  What is unique about Orbit’s system is that they use the SmartHub™ safety ring as their base that makes installation of both the infant seat and accessories for the stroller very easy.  The Orbit Infant Seat(4 – 30 lbs and 19″ – 32″) has also been created with a deep-cradle design that is fully lined with EPP foam, a 5-point safety harness, privacy canopy and easy to carry handle.  It connects to the car through a secure base installation in only 60 seconds just by turning the patented StrongArm™ knob.  And because it uses the  SmartHub™ safety ring you conveniently place the baby in the vehicle facing you and then lock the seat in place by rotating them to the back of seat.

Orbit G3 infant car seat

If you already have an infant seat and only plan to use the stroller to get around.  You can also use either bassinet or stroller seat from birth.

The G3 Bassinet($200) is a two in one product as it can be used on the stroller or in your home with the additional Rocker Base($100).

Orbit g3 bassinet with rocker Because many parents purchase a bassinet as an additional sleeping space for their newborns, having one that also attaches to your stroller is a big bonus.  This allows baby to go from being out on a walk to sleeping peacefully in the living room quite easily.  The lightweight bassinet can also be collapsed to 6 in (15 cm) high to fit in your suitcase if you are travelling with your baby.  To protect your newborn from the elements it comes with a pull-down Paparazzi Shield™, has a breathable aero-mesh mattress insert and soft-touch interior upholstery to provide more comfort during summer months.

The stroller seat($200) is perfect for little ones from birth – 50lbs,  is compatible with the stroller frame, and also the rocker base.  Out of the box it comes with an additional plush insert to keep newborns cozy. As your baby grows you can remove the insert and just use the stroller with the padded seat.

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller - stroller seat

To accommodate a growing child the 5-point harness can be adjusted to three heights.   To ensure your child stays where you left them, the harness locking system was designed with a two part process.  Parents must press the red buttons on the front, and black levers on the side to release the clips.  I like this because our little testers, try as they may, could not escape. Orbit Baby also includes a bumper bar with a detachable snack tray.

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller - buckle

The BEST feature of this seat is that it’s able to rotate 360 degrees to ensure your child always has the best view, regardless of where you are! I am stopped every time someone sees me rotating the seat.  This allows you to position your child in any direction while out, which makes it easy for your to sit the stroller right next to a table if you are out without having to worry about the gap between the front wheels and seat.  And while Orbit Baby does not recommend parents stroll with their child in any position other than forward or rear facing, I have used it while we are at the zoo to give my son a better view of the animals on the right or left side as we passed by.

The seat can also be fully reclined for a sleeping baby by using the levers on each side.  As you child grows the foot rest is adjustable down to two positions.

To keep your child protected against the elements the G3 features a massive, sturdy 3 panel canopy.  I have always been fond of the canopies on Orbit’s strollers, but this one is by far the best.  It is created from a sturdy material that ensures your child is shaded down to their toes .  With the seat fully reclined, the canopy will cover about 75% of your child.  Plus, parents who want to give their stroller a more custom look can choose from one the 9 canopy colors Orbit Baby offers!

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller

For under the stroller storage parents can choose between the classic cargo pod or the new cargo basket.  Our G2 has the pod, and our G3 has the basket.  While I like the portability of the pod, I far prefer the basket because of its size and accessibility.

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller - storage basket

The front and back panels of the basket are elasticized for easy access, while the sides have zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe.  The basket also has reflective tape for better visibility at night, and it can be easily removed for better access.   Parents who need more storage can also purchase panniers that clip to the side of the frame.  Sold in packs of two, each Pannier can hold a standard brown paper grocery bag.

Orbit G3 with panniers

The base($460) of the G3 comes in two finishes; grey or a very sleek black.  Weighing just 16lbs, it is easily opened by unclipping the latch and pulling the handlebars up.   It features the SmartHub™ ring system that allows it to connect to the infant seat, bassinet, stroller seat or toddler car seat.  Because Orbit’s system is so unique, it does not allow for parents to connect off make infant car seat brands to their frame.

To accommodate parents of different heights the handlebars extend 40 – 46.5 “. In between the handle bars there is a cupholder that can hold two sippy cups, or water bottles while out.  Our G2 only had room for one drink, so the additional spot is a welcome one as I have two children and they both normally travel with something different to drink.

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller - cupholder

The stroller pushes beautifully thanks to Orbit Baby’s patented QuadShock™ front wheel stroller suspension.  The G3 is equipped with two 6.5″ wheels on the front and two 9″ wheels on the back to give it a very smooth, easy push.  This stroller moves easily over most suburban terrain – grass, pavement or light sand.  I do not however, recommend it for heavy winter conditions or for beach or gravel.  Even though the wheels in the front can be locked for bumpy terrain they are not big enough to go through extreme conditions like thick mud, beach sand or two feet of snow.

At the back of the stroller Orbit Baby uses an easy color code system for their brakes.  Green means go and red – stop.  So simple. Just press and go!

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller - brakes

A common stress for most new parents is how to fold the stroller.  On the G3 you just need to remove the seat and then turn the silver handle to release the frame.  With one turn the whole frame folds up into a neat, compact package.  The stroller comes with a frame lock and the seat and frame fit together perfectly so that they don’t take up a lot of room in your vehicle.

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller - folded

Parents looking to expand their family can add Orbit’s Helix kit to the back of the stroller.  This frame adds a second SmartHub™ safety ring, which allows parents to connect a second infant seat, stroller seat or bassinet.

Orbit Helix double stroller configurations

If your second child is a little bit older and doesn’t need their own seat anymore parents can add the sidekick to the side of either tire that acts much like a small skateboard.  We have used this with the G2 in the past and LOOOVE it.  Of all of the ride-on boards we have tested I prefer this one the best because it is positioned on either side of the stroller as opposed to being connected to the back of the buggy.  Kids riding on the board love being off to the side because they have a clear view of what’s ahead.

Orbit Sidekick

Overall the Orbit is one of my favorite strollers.  Its ability to accommodate your child from birth to even past the pre-school years makes it a great option for parents who are starting a family and need something that will grow with them as they add new members in coming years.  It’s stylish, functional and designed with your family’s lifestyle and safety in mind.

We have put together a video of the stroller to better show off its features:


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