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Hot For The Holidays ~ Sofia The First Tea Party Picnic {VIDEO}

Since her debut in 2012 Sofia The First has been one of Disney Junior’s most popular shows. A little girl who becomes a princess when her mom marries the King, Sofia is a bit of a ‘people’s princess’, because she struggles with the formalities of royalty. But this is what makes her so loveable. She is sweet, kind and practical – just like the average little girl.


Holiday Gift Ideas ~ Birth to 12 Months

Babies, what do you buy babies? They are so cute, but they can be tough to pick gifts for! The first year is so important and little ones are learning to master so many new skills.

We have put together a list of some of our favorites that are perfect for all stages of development.


It’s Not Too Late To Wag Jag For The Holidays!

Just a few weeks ago I was introduced to WagJag.com. If you are not familiar with what WagJag is, it is a website that offers services or products in your city for a reduced rate – most times more than 50% off. When you visit the site it will automatically detect your location and show you the deals in your city.


Kid-Tough Music Player With Microphone ~ A Christmas Must- Have for Your Little Music Lover

My oldest son loves music – all kinds of music; Elvis to Elton John, Lady Gaga to Kate Bush. When I was trying to come up with what would be the perfect gift for him the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player With Microphone jumped out at me right away.


Holiday Gift Guide ~ 14 Ideas For Kids 1+

Between your baby’s first and second year, they are learning important complex movements like crawling, walking and staying balanced.
For the holidays we have found some great toys that will keep them interested while teaching them new skills.


Holiday Gift Guide ~ 15 Ideas For Kids 2+

We have put together our picks for toddlers 2+.

Between the ages of 2 and 3, toddlers will start to communicate, understand a simple story and be able to put together a 4-6 piece puzzle.


Holiday Gift Guide ~ 13 Ideas For Kids 3+

Picking out the perfect toy for a child is tough even when they are your own.

A child who is three has passed that golden age where choking is no longer an issue so their toys include action figures and props to allow them to create their own world. Kids at this age will often take part in imaginative play and start to play with their friends as opposed to just beside them.


Personalized Holiday Ideas ~ 7 Unique Photo Gifts!

Giving photo gifts is one of my favorite things to do because taking photos of my whole family is a bit of a passion for me.

For our own family I like to create unique things for the boys using the photos I’ve taken and I also like giving some of these things to aunts and uncles as gifts as well.


WagJag For Christmas?

I have to admit that until recently I hadn’t heard of WagJag. My sister uses it all the time. In fact just a couple weeks ago she treated my parents to a wine tour in Niagara on a 2 for 1 that she bought from the daily deal site.


9 Holiday Teacher Gifts Ideas!

One of the toughest people to buy for is my son’s teacher because I know that she’ll be receiving a lot of presents and I always want ours to be useful. I also don’t know her well so I don’t know if she has any particular interests or hobbies.


How Do You Chose The Perfect Toy?

It’s that time of year when those who don’t have kids are trying to figure out what to buy for a niece or nephew, grandchild or godchild and parents who have kids are buying outside of their age range.