9 Holiday Teacher Gifts Ideas!

For me, one of the toughest people to buy for is my son’s teacher because I know that she’ll be receiving a lot of presents and I always want ours to be useful.  I also don’t know her well so I don’t know if she has any particular interests or hobbies.

Aside from giving gift certificates to a local restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop,  you can always give gift cards to a book shop, or local spa.

Here are a few other ideas I have come up with.

teacher gift ideas

  1. Reed Diffuser – A bit of a change from the standard candle and there are no hazards. I bought these for my son’s teachers last year and they were a big hit. $20
  2. Li Bien Hand Painted Glass Ornaments  – I love these ornaments!  Last year we gifted them to my son’s EAs and helpers at his school.  Each ornament is individually handpainted with a tiny brush on the inside of the glass, and each is dated the year it was issued.  Plus they come in their own decorative box.  ($10-$12)
  3. A poinsettia – You can never have enough Poinsettias around the holidays.  If I could I would fill my house with them.  Grab one that is unique and finish it with a bow! $10
  4. Chocolate Fondue – I mean who doesn’t like chocolate and fruit?  $15
  5. Handmade soaps – Lush is my go-to store for really nice soaps.  They have pre-made gift boxes or you can customize your gift by having the staff cut you a piece of soap and pair it with a bath bomb.  I also like that their products are made fresh by hand using little or no preservatives or packaging and only vegetarian ingredients.  You could get a chunk of soap, a bath bomb, and some lipgloss for $20.
  6. A decorative votive holder –  Specialty shops are full of decorative votive holders and they are a nice addition to a holiday table or mantle. $15
  7. Baked Goods – If you have a cookie or square recipe that is a family favorite.  Make some, put them in a nice box and have your child make a card to go with them.
  8. Brie Baker – Whether she’s hosting family or having a game night, a brie baker is a perfect gift.  Simply place a wheel of brie inside, warm it up in the oven, and serve with crackers or toast.  You can also add a package of brie toppers. $20
  9. Specialty Coffee or Tea  – Find out if your child’s teacher enjoys a warm cuppa and pick up something special that they may not buy for themselves. $15

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