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The New Adiri Bottle Impresses

I was introduced to Adiri 3 years ago when my girlfriend bought a set for her newborn.The unique design was created to help babies go between breast and bottle with little confusion.

Adiri bottles more closely replicate the tactile bonding experience of breastfeeding than any other bottle.

The Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle is made from 100% polycarbonate-free materials that warm to a child’s cheek, like a breast, when filled with warm milk. A patented nipple design helps alleviate nipple confusion for breastfeeding babies.

This bottle encourages the same type of open-mouthed latching that is required for breastfeeding, making bottle and breastfeeding more easily interchangeable.

A cover protects it from getting dirty and keeps the nipple from leaking during transport. The nurser comes in three stages for three different flow rates. Each stage holds 8 oz. of fluid and is dishwasher safe.

Due to popularity, Adiri is currently experiencing high levels of interest and are increasing productivity to keep up with demand.

Available in 2 colours – 1 bottle is $12.50, 3/35.50 Visit for more information.

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