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Vintage Baby: Pink and White Taylor Tot Stroller/Walker

I love vintage baby gear!

I stumbled across this amazing Pink and White Taylor Tot Stroller/Walker that is about 60 years old.


While I am not a fan of baby walkers, this whole unit fascinates me because it resembles something that would transport a doll not a child.

The foot rest on the bottom of the stroller and the handle are easily removed to create a baby walker.

It features a white wood seat, white wheels and multi-color wooden toy beads.

Measures 40″ tall by 20″ wide by 36″ long.

A steal on EBAY for $250

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  • I wanted to buy one of these, as my grandmother had one that my mother used for us at her home when we were little, and it is a great childhood memory, however when I saw yours on ebay & told my mom I was thinking of biding, she said they are terribly unsafe and that the thing was so heavy & hard to push & easily tipped over. What are your thoughts on this? I see you have your grandchild pictured in one. Do you feel safety wise they are truly up to par?

  • I agree with your mom. There is nothing safe about this product, especially by todays standards. I posted it because I think it’s cute. It would be a good piece to put a few dolls in for display, but definitely not a baby.

    This is not my stroller. I found it on eBay. bidding is now over.

  • I own one of these. It is not in mint condition but still very functional. How do I find out the value of this. I can take a picture of it to send along if need be.

  • I am so glad to see a picture picture of this stroller! My husband and I have recently obtained our 5th dog. She is a 6 yr old 7 lb chubby Pomeranian with very bad knees. We found one of these at a yard sale for $25. We purchased it and my husband is currently in the garage refinishing it for the dog to “ride”.
    When I saw how much some wanted online for them, I almost told him to sell it! But, it will be just perfect for Itty Bitty, the Pom. Hubby is replacing the seat and putting something around the edges so neither her nor her bed slide out of it.
    Thanks! I love finding it and knowing the approximate year it was made and make!

  • I have one of these–it was mine in the late 50’s / early 60’s–I can barely remember riding in it, and the wooden “seat” was rather uncomfortable–perhaps by design, to encourage walking instead of sitting. I remember I did love it, but it was indeed VERY heavy and therefore hard to push with my feet. It’s still in the original royal blue / white–I think the pink was painted over the blue later? At any rate, I’m thinking of selling mine–does anyone have an idea of the value? Mine is not pristine like in the pic above–rather rusty underneath, and the plastic bumpers have deteriorated. Please reply to countrymouse712 at bellsouth dot net–thanks!

  • Like anything, these strollers are unsafe if the parent does not pay attention to what the child is doing. Many thousands of children have rode in these strollers and never got a scratch. Seems like everything is unsafe by today’s standards. That’s why we have obese lazy children sitting in front of the TV all day playing video games, which to me is more unsafe than any stroller has ever been.

  • I recently came across a pic of me at age 1 (1949) in my Taylor-Tot. The discussion about their being unsafe is amusing. I’m sure they aren’t safe by today’s standards. In my pic, I’m on a sidewalk a few feet from a rock stairway that goes down to a steep driveway which goes straight downhill to a heavily-travelled 4-lane US highway. Ah, the adventure I could have had!!!

  • Is this stroller still for sale? Is the pink original? I had one for my 3 girls (1957-60) & loved it! Some boys in the neighborhood stole it & disassembled it. When I finnally found it they put it back together but parts were missing so could never use it again. Some of these ads are old & items are already sold so wondered if yours is current. Thank you.


  • i just purchased one of these for my new granddaughter of course with anything now adays nothing is safe it depends on the person pushing the stroller , and again never leave a child unattended , for one second my husband is restoring if for our first grandchild coming in oct 2011 we go to car shows and this is where we will be using it not on a day to day bases only for show.we are looking for the wheels if you know of anyone call 562-246-7333

  • We are currently in the process of filming our second season of “American Restoration” and are looking for potential candidates to appear on our show, or refer us to someone who would be interested. Rick Dale from American Restoration is selling a beautifully restored 1930s/40s Antique Taylor Tot stroller! Here is your chance to get a fabulous item and your opportunity to appear on History Channel’s “American Restoration”. Please contact me for details at

  • I bought a 1950 navy blue Taylor Tot in an antique mall here in Toledo, Ohio. It came w/ a matching blue padded seat cover that fits so perfect, I know it was made for the stroller. My question is, did Taylor Tot make a cushion? I have never seen one before. it is worn but all there.I would like to trade it for pictures of babies in Taylor Tots. Anyone interested?

  • I have one just like it I bought in the late 70’s brand new from a furniture store. The only diffrence it is wire on the bottom. I had a 2nd child on the way and the 2nd seat sold me. Any one know anything on the diffrent foot board?

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