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Are Your Child’s Immunizations Current?

School Boards across Ontario are coming down on students who are not properly immunized.

In May of last year, Waterloo Region school board suspended 2,000 students from school as the public health unit enforced a provincial law that requires students to prove they are properly immunized.

The suspension effected students from Grade 2 to 8, who couldn’t show that they are protected against measles, mumps and rubella.

More than 1,000 students in Durham Region could be suspended from school by next week if they can’t find immunization records to prove they have received the necessary shots.

Letters sent home to parents in November said that Durham District School Board students whose vaccinations are not up to date will be forced to stay home.

The letters were sent by the Durham Health Unit, which says students and their families have had enough time to get the inoculations.

“If they have not, then yes they would be suspended as of January 16,” Regina Elliot of Durham Public Health said. “And they may remain suspended up to 20 days or until we receive the information.”

Health officials have the authority to keep students out of school for up to 20 days, if the proper documentation isn’t provided.

Students can be exempt from immunization on religious, medical or moral grounds, but the exemption must be documented.

I agree with the school board and their decision. 1,000 students who do not have current records is excessive. If there was an outbreak and these steps had not been taken, parents would be outraged. The school boards job is to make sure each child that attends their facility is safe. By making sure that all children are immunized, they cover their butts and maintain a healthy community.



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