Australian Couple Welcomes A 13lb Baby

Arriving at an impressive 5.8kg at birth and just under 60cm long, Harlem is one of the biggest babies to be born in NSW so far this year.

And new parents, Maryann Barusic and Justin Bailey couldn’t be happier with their big bundle of joy.

Born in Maitland Hospital via a natural birth, Harlem was too heavy for the maternity ward scales, too big for hospital nappies, wears clothes made for a six-month-old baby and takes an hour to feed.

He is almost double the average weight of a newborn and has to use infant-sized nappies.

During her pregnancy, Ms Barusic said she just knew her fourth child was going to be a big baby.

“I was so big, much bigger than with any of my other babies and I was really uncomfortable,” said Ms Barusic, whose previous baby weighed 4.3kg at birth.

His parents have lovingly dubbed him “our sumo baby” and decided on his name after seeing a Harlem Globetrotters’ ball shortly before he was born, two days past his due date.

The staff at Maitland Hospital believe that Hamlem may just be the biggest baby ever born at the hospital.

Liam Dalton, who was born three days earlier than Harlem, can’t hold a candle to the younger baby’s size.

“Liam was almost eight pounds, (3.6kg), but he looks tiny next to Harlem,” mum Belinda Dalton said

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  • Hi there;

    I live in Canada. My second child, born almost 12&1/2 years ago, was 12lbs 10oz. (just a tiny bit (2oz) heavier than ‘Sumo’ baby).

    My first child was 10lbs 9oz., born almost 6 years earlier.

    I am almost 5’6″ & weighed 129lbs, before I got pregnant with my first child. I was not a diabetic, nor did I have gestational diabetes with either of my pregnancies. Both of my pregnancies were uneventful, health-wise (never any problems) mind you, I was getting quite uncomfortable near the end of my second pregnancy. The first one never bothered me a bit. I delivered both my children, naturally. My first was 18 days overdue, & my second was 1 week overdue (born on my 31st Birthday!).

    My Obstetrician told me, after the birth of my second, that you cannot eat your way into a big baby, however, the reverse is true (if you don’t eat enough, the baby can be born too small). Both my babies averaged out within the first 6 mos, & are average weight for their ages now.

    I remember trying to find out from the hospital, if my second was the largest baby born there (to a non-diabetic mom), in any given time frame, but they wouldn’t tell me. I’ve always wondered if he held some kind of record there…

    I asked the Dr. if I could put a teaspoon of pablem (per 4 ounces), or a tablespoon to 8 oz, in his formula, at night, when he was a month & a half, to help him sleep through the night, & it worked like a charm! I couldn’t handle the 5am feeding (the 1:30 didn’t bother me), but being able to do that, took them both out! (thank heaven’s, then everyone got a good nights rest)!

    Take care & be well…

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