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Baby Born With Heart On His Stomach

A Chinese baby has stunned doctors after he survived being born with his heart on his stomach.

Surgeons said the boy would only live for less then a week after he was born in eastern China.

Now, more than a month later, the baby is home with his parents who are trying to raise $70,000 for an operation to move his heart into his chest.

The amazing baby was one of a set of twins but his brother was born with no complications.

“Both of us are very healthy, and we can’t understand why our son was born like this,”the baby’s dad, Lee Chen said.

“You can see the heart beating under his skin and we don’t dare let him sleep in a cot just in case he rolls on to his tummy and stops his heart beating.

“We take turns in holding him so he can sleep safely.”

“He needs an operation but we’re a poor family and we hope we can get help from some kindhearted people,” added Mr Chen.

I hope that these parents are able to raise the funds to save their baby. This little fighter deserves the chance to live normally.

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