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Easter Round Up: 10 Easter Crafts & Treats

With Easter only days away, for the little guys and gals, it’s a time for fun and family. Which means two things: Handmade crafts and tasty treats!

There’s plenty of crafts and treats to choose from so we chose our top five of each:

Easter Round Up

  1. Easter Egg Fireflies iVillage
  2. Jello Rainbow Eggs–Choose to Thrive
  3. Bunny Bait–Family Fresh Meals
  4. Natural Egg Dye–Key Ingredient
  5. Funny Bunnies–JB Mum of One

Easter Round Up

  1. Bunny Finger Puppets–The Alison Show
  2. Marshmallow Bark–Key Ingredient
  3. Marbled Easter Eggs–I Really Like Food
  4. Italian Easter Cookies–Key Ingredient
  5. Button Art Egg–Happenings of the Harper Household

Have a happy and fun Easter!


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