Hungry Baby Saves Family From House Fire

A baby’s cries for feeding in the middle of the night turned out to be more of a blessing than a hindrance after it helped his parents realize that their house was on fire.

crying baby

When Snezana Pezzin was awoken by her hungry seven-month-old son Alexander at 12:50 am, she smelt smoke and instinctively got her husband John up as well. Though he couldn’t see any fire inside the home he went outside for a different perspective and noticed flames coming from underneath his house.

By the time he was back in the house to rescue his wife and his three kids Jeremy 6, Michael 3, and Alexander, the fire alarms started going off.

Once the firefighters arrived the back of the house had been engulfed by the flames, causing $150,000 worth of damage and ruining the family’s Christmas gifts.

“It’s OK, it is a house. We have got our kids out, that’s the main thing. Everything else is incidental really.”

Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Mark O’Connor praised John for having the intuition to go outside and assess the situation he commented, “Because the fire was outside, it would have taken a while to get to a level to trigger the smoke alarms”.

Investigators speculate that the fire was more than likely caused by an electrical fault. Jeff, Staff Writer

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