Mattel to Debut Voice-Activated Kids Connected Room Hub and Camera Bundle

Technology heavyweights – Microsoft, Qualcom Technologies, and Silk Labs – have partnered with Mattel and are preparing to unveil a groundbreaking innovation early this summer, the newest addition to the popular and acclaimed nabi tablet line. The Aristotle (TM) platform is designed with security in mind and offers intuitive ease-of-use that enables it to learn patterns to autonomously act on user habits.

Aristotle by Mattel

Aristotle incorporates AI, voice, sight and sound into its hub and camera, and features a built-in LED multiple color lighting system and companion Wi-Fi cameras. The system can perform a multitude of special functions from helping to soothe a crying baby, purchasing diapers and finding online deals, reinforcing good manners by requiring kids to say “please” to engage it, or helping them learn a foreign language.

What makes this a revolutionary kid’s connected room IoT platform?

The artificial intelligence was specifically created to nurture and teach children, with custom-built AI baby-centric features, and includes special search capabilities tied to parenting questions and baby/child care information powered by Bing.

The hub is integrated with a smart-light system that includes a night light, reading and changing lights, and multiple color lighting. The companion Wi-Fi camera has object recognition and movement detectors, so Aristotle  can perform some specialized functions: it will automatically play a lullaby and turn light on dim when it hears a sleeping baby begin to cry.

For toddlers, the dynamic lighting system lights up green or red to acknowledge if a child answers correctly during voice-activated learning sessions.

The platform features both parent and child modes and has robust back-end technology. Setting the device up is as simple as opening the app to let it configure to a home Wi-Fi network.

Security measures are built in, so the system has the same safeguards as hospitals use: HIPAA protocols guide many of the data transfer processes.

Aristotle was designed to grow with the child and function based on their evolving needs. The platform focuses on teaching and entertaining using audio, visual and tactile learning methods. For toddlers, these methods can teach the ABC’s, numbers and counting, first words, and features sing-alongs and story time. For older kids it’s a homework helper and entertainment unit to listen to music, and a playmate for 2-player voice games. Older kids might use the more sophisticated learning capabilities like foreign language lessons. And Aristotle Baby is a hands-free way for parents to monitor a sleeping infant, and a nursery necessity with baby camera, night and changing light, white noise machine, and lullaby speakers.

Mattel’s nabi unit is also developing a line of connected hardware including the baby monitor. The Aristotle system is compatible with several current IoT systems so parents can build out and customize.



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