Miracle in Pulandar – Baby Rescued from Living Burial by Passerby

A newborn baby’s life was saved when a passerby noticed a tiny hand protruding from the ground. Rajesh Kumar and his wife, Neelam, were returning home when they heard cries coming from beneath the soil in Pulandar village, India. What they discovered was heart-wrenching—a baby boy buried alive.

baby hand

With a mix of dread and determination, Rajesh and Neelam took it upon themselves to dig away at the dirt and rubble, inching closer to the trapped child. Astonishingly, they found the baby still attached to the placenta and umbilical cord. Carefully, they rescued the abandoned infant, his tiny body covered in dirt.

Local authorities were alerted to the shocking discovery, and the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital. Medical experts confirmed that he had difficulty breathing but were determined to ensure his full recovery.

The police have launched an investigation to find the culprits responsible for this horrifying act. In the meantime, the Child Welfare Committee has stepped in to provide care and support for the baby.

In an incredibly heartwarming twist, Rajesh and Neelam, who are already parents to two daughters, have expressed their interest in adopting the baby boy they saved. While the future remains uncertain, this incredible act of compassion has given this poor child a fighting chance at a loving home.

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