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New Baby Bottle Trend: Silicone

2008 was the year that changed the baby bottle. Glass Bottles made a come back, bottles with BPA were removed from the shelves and Silicone made it’s debut.This year at ABC a few companies introduced bottles made of this amazing material.Silicone is perfect because it has no open pores to harbor bacteria. It is free of BPA , Latex, Phthlate, PVC and lead.

Bottles made from this material are flexible except for the BPA-free plastic exo-skeleton, which is placed over the neck and shoulders of the bottle.

They are also heat-resistant, microwavable, shatterproof and dishwasher safe.

Four companies have created bottle made of Silicone.

Here are your options:

  • Prince LionheartPrince Lionheart’s Silicone Baby Bottles are available in three modern, sleek colors and offer three natural shaped nipples – to meet your baby’s changing nutritional needs (Slow flow, 0-3 months; Medium flow, 3-6 months and Fast flow, 6+ months). They also come in single packs and 3 packs, in 4oz and 8oz.

  • Momo Silicone Bottle – Available in just one size -9oz, this Wide Neck Silicone Feeding Bottle comes in Blue and Pink. $13each

  • Nursin’ Smart Silicone Bottle by innobaby – This system works from birth through toddler years with interchangeable accessories. Starting with just one bottle, there are several silicone options for a top—a natural nipple, a spoon, or a straw cup.The nipple, made in Stages 1-5, stretches easily, supporting the baby’s natural suckling motion and pressure.The Nursin’ Smart Silicone Bottle set is offered in 5oz and 9oz along with the additional accessories.

  • Nuby Natural Touch – offered in 5oz and 7oz, these wide neck bottles are well equipped with a new Soft Flex vented nipple.

*With the exception of the Momo bottles, the Innobaby, Prince Lionheart and Nuby designs are not currently available. I will update when they are for sale.*



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  • I live in Onatrio Canada and the Nuby soft air silicone bottle are for sale at Sears. I have two and the built in vent leaks and even with the slow flow nipple the milk shoots out gagging my 12 month old bottle fed son.
    I can’t see this bottle working for a breast fed baby.

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