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One-Year-Old Mistakenly Left Behind After Daycare Closes

Could you imagine pulling up to your child’s daycare center to pick them up just to find the staff has gone home and all of the doors are locked?

Well that is exactly what happened to Australian couple Bharat and Gayatri.

“He arrived about 6:50 p.m. My wife was crying. We went into the center and switched on the lights” Bharat told the Sydney Morning Herald. “We opened one door and there was no one inside. Then we noticed the door to the next room and there she was, lying in the dark.”

Ankita their one-year-old daughter was mistakenly left behind after the staff at Scribbles and Giggles day care center left for the day 45 minutes earlier.

The tots parents called police and the center’s owner was tracked down.

Anika’s dad said that

“She was lying on a bouncer, harnessed, sleeping. I could make out from her face that she was OK. I was just extremely relieved. I picked the baby up and just held her in my arms and she started crying.”

Bharat and his wife Gayatri called police and the center’s owner was tracked down.

The director of the center, Anthony Khali, said the facility’s policies and procedures had been changed to prevent a repeat incident.

“I think it was just a very big misunderstanding,” he said. “I think we’re fortunate in the fact that the baby was safe. What we’ve gone through in the last week, I’d say, would be worse than whatever fine they give us. Living with what happened is bad enough.”

If this was my son – I might harm someone…



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