Premature Baby

Preemie Survived To 94 Years Old!

Agnes “Babe” Fuller thrived in the Florida sun. She was born on August 12th 1915 at her parents home in Clermont. She passed on September 21st at her home in Winter Park.

She was born premature and weighed only 2.5 pounds. Her parents set her outside in the Florida sun in a dresser drawer for ten minute intervals. They had nicknamed her “Babe” because of her preemie status.

“The “natural incubation” worked wonders, said her daughter, Marsha Fuller of Marietta, Ga., because her mother lived 94 years.”

There is no information on just how premature she was, but it is incredible to me that a 2.5lb baby born in the beginning of the 1900s was able to survive after being born at home so tiny. We all know how far doctors/medicine has come with premature babies and we know way back then there was really nothing much they would have been able to do for them.

Shannon Strohm, Staff Writer(Mommy to Ashton, born at 24 weeks weighing 1lb 9oz on June 10th 2005. Now 4 years old with many special needs but an absolute awesome happy child! Also mommy to an angel, ^Hunter^ who was born on March 28th 2009 at only 18 weeks 4 days.)

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  • I have no idea how much my grandfather weighed when he was born in 1914 in the 7th month. His mother died during childbirth, and no one thought he would survive. His aunt kept him in front of a furnace (his birthday was in November — so this was a whole winter long!) and he lived well into his 80’s. (He eventually died of heart problems.) His father (who was born full term) died very young, but this boy who no one thought would make it lived a full, rich life, with 12 grandchildren by the time he died. Bittersweet, but he was named for his mother. My oldest is named for him.

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