Single Mom Saddened by Theft of Her Ill Daughter’s Stroller

Lana Roland, a single mother of two in Kitchener, Ontario, has faced a number of obstacles and challenges lately but this most recent blow was unnecessary and hurtful.

Lana’s four-year-old daughter Stefani is in a fight for her life.  She has acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).  Stefani’s treatment, which included chemotherapy, left her weak and unable to walk.  Lana had to carry her everywhere until, through the generosity of the Optimist clubs of Waterloo Region, she was given a Phil & Teds black sport stroller which retails for $600 US.

Sadly, the stroller was stolen from its storage place on the front porch of Lana’s townhouse this weekend.

“I’m really hurt and saddened,” Lana said.  “It is a necessity that is really needed for us.  I can’t understand why someone would do this.”

Lana, who also has an infant son, has stopped working at the advice of her social worker.  Right now, her priority is her children and helping Stefani through her recovery.  Stefani is fragile, at this stage, and is at risk for cardiac arrest and infection.

“It (the stroller) was so helpful because I had to lift her and carry her everywhere.  After chemo she couldn’t walk and that was her little sanctuary where she would sit and fall asleep,” Lana said.

The design of the stroller was especially helpful because it had a second seat for the baby.

“The (Optimist) people were so nice and so giving.  I feel almost violated that someone could steal it.”

In spite of their hardships, the family has a stiff upper lip and a positive attitude.  “I’m just so blessed,” Lana said.  “We’re not promised tomorrow but I can keep loving her each day.”

The family will soon find out if the treatments have been successful at ridding Stefani of cancer.  With a little luck and support, this ordeal may soon be behind them. – Jen R, Staff Writer

Editor’s note: After reading this story this morning, many members of the community have come forward to help this mom including phil & ted’s. The stroller will be replaced and hopefully Stefani will continue to get stronger. Our thoughts are with this family.

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  • That’s just awful! It’s hard to believe that anyone would steal a stroller FROM SOMEONES FRONT DOOR! It just goes to show you can’t leave anything unlocked anymore, that’s why I use my Buggyguard stroller lock all the time, even if I’m only leaving my stroller for 5 minutes.

  • with a all the things you have to worry about that shouldnt be one of them. i understand what you are going through. my at the time 2year old had (ALL) and would very often be to weak to walk. we always had to hold her. i am very sadden by your story but also brings me much joy that she is still her with you.stay strong

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