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Sok-O 100% Handmade Puppets Bring Socks to Life

Sok-O animal toys give new meaning to the age-old notion of sock puppets. Each quirky member of the adorable cast of eight colorful Sok-O characters is carefully handmade from a simple pair of socks, or a stray sock, and embellished and stitched with thoughtful details such as button eyes or noses. Every animal is a true original, one-of-a-kind collectible toy that is sure to inspire fun and mischief — and you’ll never be able to look at a pair of socks again, without imagining what cute creature they may be capable of becoming!

Sok-O 100% Handmade Puppets Bring Socks to Life

Each Sok-O toy comes with a clever backstory as well as his/her very own birth certificate. From Dazzze, a sweet pig who loves “food and messy fun,” to Trumbo, a nurturing elephant who “brings all his friends around him to safety in time of danger and crises,” these delightful toys are bursting at their sock seams with personality, and are sure to inspire a child’s imagination.

Three Los Angeles and one Taiwan based designer founded Sok-O with the intention of creating high-quality design toys that are unique, playful, and may be appreciated by all ages. These toys may be thoroughly enjoyed and then treasured on a shelf as childhood heirlooms with a sweet, memorable past.

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