Creative Director Clothing ~ Interactive kid’s clothing makes dressing fun!

Creative Director clothing makes dressing in the morning an adventure to look forward to. The Toronto based company was founded by designer and artist Drew Khan who has combined a passion for printmaking and collage to create uniquely designed t-shirts with interchangeable pieces. 

Each t-shirt is screen-printed by hand using water-based ink,  are eco-friendly and the company is proudly sweat-shop free. They are available in sizes from 2 to 6 years, and feature a combination of printed design with interchangeable parts that attach with Velcro. Three individual t-shirts feature the first three letters of the alphabet, each with two removable animals starting with that letter. ‘A’ can be for alligator or ant depending on your mood! A host of other designs, including a zebra with interchangeable heads, a girl with different hats and a milk glass with two different cookies, are available as well. 

One shirt, two different looks…picking out what to wear in the morning just got more fun. – Belinda, Staff Writer

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