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Joshua and Anna Duggar Expecting First Baby!

Looks like the already supersized Duggar Family is growing again!

The newly married son of Jim and Michelle Duggar, Joshua, is expecting his first baby with wife Anna.

“I am very excited and am learning new ways every day that I can be there for my wife,” Joshua told People. “I thought that she would be the only one going through the emotions of pregnancy, but I’m right there with her.”

So “right there” that it was actually Joshua who gave Anna the big news.

“I took the pregnancy test, but I couldn’t bear to look at it because I didn’t want to be disappointed,” Anna explains. Joshua managed to keep the positive test a secret and announced it to the whole Duggar family, including Anna, later that night. “I said, ‘You’re going to join the Mommy team,’ ” Joshua says.

The couple lives near the rest of the family and runs their own car dealership in Springdale, Ark. Anna says she is benefiting from her mother-in-law’s experience in the pregnancy department:

“She told me to eat small meals frequently during the day to get through the morning sickness,” she says. “And she gave me apricot juice that I’ve been sipping. It really helps a lot.”

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  • Babies are a real gift! I just received a wonderful Easter gift, my 5th grandchild. Enjoy your children, they grow way to fast!

  • Congratulations. I love the Duggar family. I think they have great family values. I wonder if all your babies’s names will be with the same first letter. Maybe A like their momma’s?

  • Love that show, they are a great caring family. The children are so neat and such good manners. Please do not replace this show.With the world in the shape it is today, we need more shows like this one. I look forward to this show and feel at peace when it is over.I really love the Duggar family and am real excited for Joshua and Anna they will make Great christian Parents.

  • I love this show, I look for new episodes all the time. I hope it stays on the air for years and years. They are a breath of fresh air. I also enjoy seeing how the Newlyweds are handling the everyday business of being married.

  • May 5, 2009

    The Duggar family is quite amazing! I am so thrilled for Josh and Anna, as I’m sure they will become wonderful and caring parents. May you continue to feel healthy during the upcoming months, and enjoy this special time while your baby is nestled inside.

  • Dear Josh & Anna
    Congradulations on your new firs baby on the way. I God bleesed you with beatifull healty strong baby. Hope god gives you a strong healthy beatifull baby I will keep you three in my pryers. I am excited for the both of you. How many children are you plan on having? What will you name the baby? Do you know want to know the gender of the baby? Babies are a blessing from God and the Lord.
    Take care.
    Best wises always with love.
    God Bless
    Lori Merritt

  • watching the dugger family just gives me great peace that there are good family oriented people in this world , i just love to watch the episodes and try not to miss a single one i do hope they stay on the air for years to come , i wish josh and anna the best they will be great parents i cant wait to see what she is having they are such an adorable couple , this baby will truly be beautiful like the rest of the duggers , god bless you through this wonderful experiance, leesa from georgia

  • Congrats Josh and Anna. Your first baby is always your most memorable pregnancy. I cherished my first pregnancy and even kept a pregnancy journal that I hope to one day share with my daughter. Best of Luck to you both.

  • hey anna
    congratulations!! r planning on having that many children? what r u having a boy or a girl? what r u going to name it?

  • nice job like u guys need more kids in josh’s side of the family. you could just ask jim bob and michelle if you could rent one of their kids. anyway im happy for you 2 though. we watch ur guys show soooooooo much. i no u r having a girl but i was wondering if you r ready to have more kids and wat were some of the names u have maybe considered.
    please write back, Emmy12515

  • Dear Josh&Anna, Iam so Happy for you!!!!!! I know your baby girl will be beautiful!!! I hope that you will have healty little girl!!!! And I hope that you will have a Great Labor!! Love,Erica Alexis Fleming age 13

  • Personally I Think you are way too young!! Still kids yourselves! good luck i think u will need it!!.. & its not fair on the kids to keep having more & more. & its not healthy on the womans body 2 keep having soo many kids!! Your believes are insane!! Love the ones you have, spend alot of time with them, & give them lots of attention, dont need to keep having so many kids!! thats so wrong!!!

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