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Kid Tested: LET’S ROCK! Strummin’ Ernie & Singin’ Cookie Monster by Playskool

Last year we introduced you to Let’s Rock! Elmo by Playskool and now we’re happy to introduce the newest additions to the Let’s Rock! Collection – Strummin’ Ernie and Singin’ Cookie Monster!’

Let's Rock! Ernie & Cookie

Out of the box they come with batteries and are ready to go – Awesome!!  On their own both of these toys are super cute and fun!  Ernie plays the guitar (with your assistance) and when you get him to strum the strings he plays and sings songs.  When you move the microphone to Cookie Monster’s mouth he starts to sing and if you put it closer to his mouth he sings louder!

Probably the best part thing about both of them is that they interact with Let’s Rock Elmo.  So when one of them is sync’d with Elmo the two of them sing the songs together!   You simply have to place either Ernie or Cookie monster close to Elmo and they’ll sync.  (Note: You can only pair Ernie or Cookie Monster with Elmo one at a time – The three cannot rock out together).

Because we have Let’s Rock Elmo and each of the instrument accessories we were expecting that Elmo would give us a sign that he was sync’d with Ernie or Cookie but he didn’t which threw us off for about 20 minutes because we didn’t think they were working properly.  For example with the additional keyboard when you sync it with Elmo he’ll say “You have a keyboard” which tells us we’re good to go… with both Ernie and Cookie Monster he didn’t say anything.  If you find you’re having the same problem (knowing they are connected) just let Ernie or Cookie do their thing and continue with their song and Elmo should join right in.

The Let’s Rock Strummin’ Ernie doll stands 12 inches tall, comes with a guitar, and sings and rocks out to “Old McDonald.”  Let’s Rock! Singin’ Cookie Monster, he is also 12 inches in height, but comes with a microphone, in which he sings into, and he sings “If You’re Happy and You Know it”.

Like Let’s Rock Elmo both Cookie Monster and Ernie have been a huge hit in our house with both the children and the adults.  Everyone who sees how interactive they are, are amazed.

Let's Rock Instruments

Aside from the pairing with Elmo confusion, the only negative thing that I can think about regarding these two Playskool ‘Let’s Rock’ dolls is that unlike the Let’s Rock Elmo doll, they are much smaller in size, they don’t stand on their own and they don’t have the ability to perform actions on their own.   For example, you have to continually push the microphone towards Cookie Monster’s mouth, and the strum the guitar of Ernie with his hand, in order for the music to continually play. That being said, I understand that Elmo is the star of the show and if Ernie and Cookie were to function the same way he does their price point would be higher at probably $40.00.

Both Let’s Rock! Strummin’ Ernie and Let’s Rock! Cookie Monster are great toys on their own and your kids are sure to love them.  Designed for children 18 months to 4 years and sold for only $19.99 they are very affordable, making them a great gift for any occasion!


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