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Doctors Remove Fast-Growing Tumor from Baby While Still in Mother’s Womb

Excited about the impending arrival of their second child, Katie Rice, and Mike Roussin went in for a routine 20-week ultrasound. They learned the gender of their baby – a baby boy – but they also received some very frightening news that day.


Doctors Insert Life-Saving Shunt Into Fetus’ Lung

Most of the time, those ultrasounds that we receive when we are carrying our beautiful bundles of joy are a time of happiness and excitement, and offers us a glimpse at the miracle of life that will soon be here. But for one mom, a routine ultrasound turned into a harrowing ordeal for her and her son.


Doctors Return Baby To the Womb After Performing Life Saving Surgery

Baby Cabellotrejo’s birth is a special day not just for his parents but also for the doctors at Texas Children’s Fetal Center. Diagnosed with a very large lung mass, the surgeons performed an open fetal surgery to save his life.


Doctors Save Unborn Baby Through Surgery

She was inside the womb, when Baby Lake’s mom was told that the baby may not survive if she was born. There was a cyst inside her lung which even if not cancerous could not support the baby after birth. To save the child, doctors made the decision to perform an in utero surgery.


First Baby with Blocked Windpipe Saved in the Womb by Spanish Doctors

A baby dying in his mother’s womb has been saved by doctors in Spain who performed and in-utero surgery. The infant was suffering from a rare condition affecting his lungs and causing his heart to fail, but at 10 months old, his is now healthy and thriving.


Mom Gives Birth to Healthy Boy After Lifesaving Surgery Inside Womb

Tarryn Ford was 31 weeks pregnant when doctors discovered that her baby had a rare condition due to fluid accumulation between his chest and lungs. Thankfully surgeons were able to perform an in-utero surgery and saved her baby’s life.


Doctors Remove Rare Tumor Inside Mom’s Womb to Save Baby

Tammy Gonzalez was 17 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound revealed her baby had a rare tumor that could turn fatal. Two years later Tammy is not only holding her daughter proudly in her arms, but is also thanking her stars for a pioneering surgery done in-utero that saved the baby in the womb.


Pinhole Surgery Saves Life of Unborn Baby in South Africa

Working as a pilot for Netcare911 and SA Red Cross Air Mercy Ambulance Hayden Ford had saved many lives including that of many preemies and newborns. But even his job could not prepare him for the news that his own unborn son’s life was in danger due to a rare and fatal medical condition.


Delicate Surgery Saves Twins in their Mom’s Womb

Five-months pregnant, Aimee Donley found out that the twins inside her womb had a rare condition where one baby was receiving all the share of blood. Doctors assured her that a new surgery could save at least one of the brothers. Luckily, both the babies were saved and are now five months old.


Study Finds Spina Bifida Surgery in Womb Better for the Baby

In 2002 the National Institutes of Health launched a big study on fetal surgery after the Spina bifida operations got caught up in a debate regarding their safety. The preliminary results of the study were released Wednesday and show that the fetal spina bifida surgery gives baby a better chance of leading a normal life.


Amazing Baby Doing Well After Her Heart Was Repaired In The Womb

Called a first in Canada, doctors at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children have successfully repaired a baby’s heart while she was still in the womb.