barley & birch ~ Clothing that’s as earth-friendly as it is kid-friendly!

barley & birch has created a line of organic printed children’s shirts that are as friendly to the planet as they are comfy for kids to wear!

Dedicated to making the entire line completely carbon-neutral, barley & birch not only offsets any emissions, but also works with local solar-powered manufacturers and suppliers, uses only organic cotton and water-based inks, and is largely paper-free!

T-shirts, both long and short-sleeved, onepieces and tanks are all part of the line and the prints are just wonderful.  Slightly embellishing the world around us, the unique prints range from a barn or three wooden boards to bulbs of garlic, an elk with leaves on his antlers, a snorkeling hippo or purple poppies.  One of my favorites, I would have to say, is the collection of 9 goldfish in their bowls arranged on the front a shirt.  Super cute!

Made in the United States, barley & birch provides a fabulous funky line of children’s tops for the environmentally conscious tot (or their parents!).  In addition to careful manufacturing and sourcing, barley and birch also donates 15% of their profits to charities the world over helping those in need.  Two thumbs up for barley and birch! – Belinda, Staff Writer

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