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Firefighters Called After Toddler Gets Head Stuck In Toy

I am not sure how, but when Zachary Van Der Hooren slipped off his favorite toy on New Years day he managed to get his head wedged in the mechanism.

When his mother Joanna, 32,couldn’t pull him free she dialed 999 and a team of firefighters rushed to the rescue.

She said: “I was tugging and tugging but I couldn’t get his head out. I was more upset than he was – I was really panicking.

“When I dialed 999 I was screaming ‘my baby has his head stuck’.”

Paramedics and firefighters rushed to the family’s home in Colchester, Essex, and rescued the youngster.

The good news is that the firefighters didn’t need to use tools. When they pulled a bracket apart to release the tailgate, it freed the toddler.

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