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Swine Flu And Your Baby or Young Child

In the last few days the Swine Flu fears have been put front and center as the dangerous virus travels worldwide.

Children are at the highest risk of mortality if affected with the Swine Flu. Symptoms may be difficult to recognize, but it is crucial that you are aware of signs of the Swine Flu in order to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome if your child is infected with the virus. If your child is unable to speak, it may be hard to recognize symptoms of Swine Flu infection. This flu virus is most dangerous in the weakest of individuals including young children. There are some indicators you can look for to ensure that you recognize Swine Flu symptoms that require emergency care in your baby or young child before it is too late.

EHOW has this list of symptoms for parents to look for:

  • Flu Symptoms – If your child has any flu-like symptoms, it may be the Swine flu. The symptoms of this virus are like many others. Monitor their symptoms and look for a high fever over 101 degrees following a cold. Worsening cough is also a sign of Swine Flu. If you are treating your child for flu, and their cough worsens, it is a symptom of the virus.
  • Look for a Rash – Look for a rash that accompanies the fever. This is an indication of Swine Flu infection. The child may also have a blue color to their skin. This indicates a lack of oxygen and requires immediate emergency care.
  • Stops Drinking – If your child quits drinking fluids do not hesitate to rush them to the emergency room. Dehydration is a killer for young children. In addition, if they have explosive diarrhea or vomiting you should seek immediate emergency treatment.
  • Breathing Problems – If they appear to be breathing quickly or having any shortness of breath, get them help quickly. The faster you get emergency help in this situation, the more likely they will suffer no adverse affects.
  • Body Aches – If they act as if they are in pain when you hold them, or try to wriggle away because they appear uncomfortable, it could indicate severe body pain. Get them to a treatment facility immediately. This is an indication of a Swine Flu virus infection.
  • Flat Affect – If they are not maintaining eye contact, or appear flat in affectation this is a warning sign of severe viral infection. Get to an emergency facility.
  • Will Not Wake Up – Finally, if you are unable to wake your child, call an ambulance immediately. Do not hesitate in this situation. Swine Flu is a deadly virus and can be treated with antiviral medications such as Tamiflu so getting your child treated immediately can save your child’s life. The Swine Flu epidemic is likely to get worse before it gets better and it is important to be aware of symptoms of the virus that may require emergency care.

The best way to avoid getting swine flu is to

  • avoid sick people
  • stay home if you become ill
  • cover your coughs and sneezes
  • WASH YOUR HANDS frequently – you don’t need to use antibacterial soap, just use any soap and wash for at least 20 seconds. The is most important to do when you come in from being our and before you eat.
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

If you want to know where the swine flu is being found. Here is a map of reported Swine Flu cases.

  • Purple marker is confirmed or probable
  • Pink marker is suspect
  • Yellow marker is negative
  • Fatal cases have no dot

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