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Texoma Couple Stuck in Peru after Premature Birth of Daughter

Russell and Marie Luttrell never imagined their vacation to Peru would leave them stranded in another country – with a newborn baby in the NICU. But that’s exactly what happened after Marie went into labor three months prematurely. Now friends, family, and even complete strangers are working together to help the Texas couple and their new baby find their way home.


Doctors Deliver The Baby Of Pregnant Woman, Who Died After Being Thrown From Her Vehicle

In a New Years miracle doctors in Houston, Texas were able to deliver the baby of a mom who was thrown from her vehicle when it crashed into a building early Thursday morning.


Newborn Survives Being Buried Alive after Parents Thought She was Stillborn

There are little fighters, and then there are babies that survive the impossible. A newborn in China has done just that after being born prematurely, then buried alive for two hours, and still somehow surviving.


New Device Set to Hit Markets in 2015 Helps Moms Track Contractions

First time pregnancies are . . . challenging in many aspects. You’re unsure of what your body is doing. Sometimes, when you’re having Braxton Hicks contractions, or even just ligament stretching, you worry that maybe you’re going into early labor.


Canadian Mother Delivers in US and is Handed Million Dollar Medical Bill

Those of us that live in the United States are familiar with the insurmountable costs of medical insurance. Many of us know what it means to avoid going to the doctor, even when we probably should, because we don’t have insurance or cannot afford to meet the deductible. A Canadian mother recently fell victim to those crippling costs after going into premature labor while visiting Hawaii.


Preterm Birth Identified as Leading Cause of Death in Young Children

There are a lot of tragedies that can happen in the first years of life, but according to a research team from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, premature birth is the leading cause of death of young children worldwide.


Despite Lingering Complications 10.5 Ounce Miracle Baby Defies All Odds

When little Amiracle was born, she weighed a mere 10.5 ounces. Thought to be the smallest ever surviving baby ever in Northern California, she was only given a 50 percent chance of survival, but has defied all odds. And, despite the lingering complications, she’s home and she’s still fighting.


Breech Baby Born in Car Doing Well Despite Odds

Nothing about Erin Peeple’s delivery went as planned. First, Erin went into labor a month ahead of schedule. Then, as her husband drove her to the hospital, the baby decided he couldn’t wait. But scariest of all, they learned, in the parking lot of a church, that their premature baby was breech.


Lunch Break Baby Delivered at Mom’s Work in Restroom

As we all know, babies come when they want and where they want. April Brown, born three months premature, simply reinforced this knowledge by deciding that she wanted to come early while her mother was on her lunch break. But, unlike some of our eager babies, April did give at least a little bit of a warning to her mother, Hannah Brown, even if she didn’t quite recognize it as such.


Mother of Five Delivers Baby Prematurely So She Can Fight for a Chance to Survive

Seven years ago, Kathy Taylor had a spot of melanoma removed from her back. As she continued to raise and home school her children, everything seemed to be fine. Then, just three weeks ago, the unexpected happened: Kathy’s cancer returned so quickly and with such a vengeance that it caught the entire family off guard.


Could Morning Sickness Have Benefits?

One of the first signs of pregnancy can be nausea or vomiting. For most women morning sickness starts 6 weeks into the pregnancy, and subsides just before the second trimester begins. But for others the illness can continue throughout the pregnancy. The silver lining could be a new study that suggests there may actually be some benefits to the loathsome condition that affects as much as 85% of all pregnant women.