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Category: Abandoned Babies

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Children Find Newborn in Tesco Bag Outside London Apartment

A group of children found newborn girl abandoned in a Tesco bag outside a block of flats yesterday. The infant, who was less than 24 hours old, was crying and extremely cold, despite being wrapped in a blanket and placed inside a re-useable supermarket bag. The baby has made a good recovery and started to […]


Couple That Abandoned Baby Ordered To Visit Children’s Cemetery

Last week, I was shocked to read about a mom that abandoned her newborn outside a fire department inside a diaper box. Solicitor Trey Gowdy said Thursday that the teen mother and adult father will be required to go to a children’s cemetery and a mortuary, complete counseling sessions and do community service.


Firefighter Finds Newborn Baby In A Diaper Box

As I prepare to welcome #2, I am always shocked to read stories of abandoned newborns. Friday, a South Carolina firefighter found a newborn baby boy inside a ‘Luvs’ Diaper box in front of the fire station. The sheriff’s office said the newborn was transported to a local hospital where he was listed in good […]


How Does A Baby Get Stolen WITH A Vehicle?

At least once every couple of weeks, I read a story about a baby that has gone missing after a vehicle has been stolen. It is the most preventable crime EVER! If the baby wasn’t left in the vehicle unattended, than they wouldn’t be stolen along with the vehicle…The most recent occurrence of this was […]


Hours Old Infant Abandoned At McDonald’s

Staff at a McDonald’s restaurant in southwest Charlotte got a bit of surprise when they found an hours-old infant abandoned in their bathroom on Wednesday morning. The baby boy, who was breathing and uninjured, was believed to be only about two or three hours old when he was found. Police also said a man was […]


UK Baby Abandoned in Stroller Outside Hospital

UPDATE: The BBC is reporting that this baby’s mom has been found and is under arrested on suspicion of child neglect. Police have said that, although the 25 year-old mom is under arrest, she is being offered support and guidance by a number of agencies. The staff at Linconshire’s Grantham Hospital were shocked to find […]


Nebraska Works To Fix Their Safe Haven Law

Gov. Dave Heineman said Wednesday he will call a special legislative session to fix a safe-haven law that in just a few months has allowed parents to abandon nearly two dozen children as old as 17. The Governor had planned to wait until the next regular legislative session convened in January, but changed his mind […]


Crummy Grandpa Alert: Grandpa Leaves Baby In Car While At Bar

So I guess it’s not just the parents who suck at taking care of their kids. A grandpa in California has been arrested after allegedly leaving his 11-month-old grandchild in a car while he went into a Sacramento bar. Robert Mora is accused of leaving the baby in a vehicle for about 30 minutes Wednesday […]


Crummy Parent Alert: Dad Leaves Baby In Car While He Visits Strip Club

Here is another one for the Crummy Parent Files! A South Carolina man was arrested in a strip club, getting a lap dance after his baby daughter was found out in the club’s parking lot alone in the car. The man told police that he left his baby in the car because she was sleeping […]


Nebraska’s Unique Safe Haven Law Allows Parents To Surrender A Minor Of Any Age

While the ‘safe haven law’ is different in each state, Nebraska recently passed a unique version of law designed to protect unwanted infants by allowing parents to legally surrender them at a hospital. In the law, which took effect July 18, Nebraska allows parents to give up a minor of any age — possibly an […]


Newborn Found During A Game Of Hide and Seek

A 6-year-old girl playing hide-and-seek with her grandmother found a newborn baby girl abandoned in a vacant lot next to her home. Lilliana Williams-Rodriguez told her grandmother she had found a doll in the bushes. But Thelma Williams, 55, who has six children, knew right away it wasn’t a doll. She called 911. The baby […]


Sadness In Kansas After Twin 3-Year-Olds Left in Car For 2 Hours

I am honestly shocked every time that I read a story like this, except this one is just more unexplainable. Twin 3-year-olds, a girl and a boy, did not survive after being left inside a car in northeastern Kansas for more than two hours. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the twins were found in the car […]